Heaven and hell don’t exist as objective realities, they are not a real place somewhere. These two places represent the two extremes of the mind; they exist in your head, inside you. Heaven and hell are psychological states. Hell is built on fear, while Heaven is built on desire.

You project all your fears and negative experiences to Hell, and all of your unfulfilled fantasies and desires to Heaven. You may not know Heaven yet, but you perfectly know Hell. You will have to go beyond both to know real happiness. But to go beyond something, you have to know it first.

Heaven could exist on this very Earth, but you turn it into Hell. Just imagine what kind of life you would have in Heaven! Everything you wished for would turn into reality. You would have a comfortable life, and you would have to do only what you really wanted to do. You would probably get bored of sitting on a cloud and playing on a harp quite soon though. Instead, you would spend a lot of time with your friends, you would enjoy their company, enjoy playing and enjoy the moment.

You wouldn’t have to think about the past nor worry about the future. You would know that you are here forever, and nothing bad can happen to you. You would have a deep inner confidence that everything about the world and about you is all right. In Heaven, you would not have to fight or suffer for anything, you would only have to take what is meant for you. Heaven abundantly offers you all its fruits, your only task is to accept and enjoy them.

Start living as if you were already in Heaven, and you will create Heaven on Earth! This is an easy, natural process because the basic nature of Earth supports this. However, you turn it into hell with all your fears, desires, judgments, ideologies and violent ambitions.

This heaven is so abundant that there is a place for everybody inside it. You don’t have to take away anything from anyone. Envy doesn’t even arise in you because you will inevitably receive what you really need. If you haven’t received it yet, it can mean two things. You don’t really need it, you just think that you need it. Or it can mean that you could not accept it yet subconsciously.

If you see anything in life that you feel attracted to, just start moving towards it. If you feel that you would like to do something, just do it. If you would like to get something, just open your hands towards it. What attracts you, what interests you, is only waiting for you to be able to accept it and enjoy it. Your task is not suffering, only pleasure. You suffer exactly because you think that you have to suffer for something. You feel you have to deserve it to get it. But this is not true!

The fact that you are alive means you deserve life, and everything that comes with it. Life itself is the greatest gift in life. Life itself is the reward and not a goal to something else. Every moment is the goal itself, and every moment you are already at the finish line.

You don’t have to reach anything, you don’t have to change, you don’t have to become anyone, and you don’t have to suffer. You only have to enjoy the reward, you already reached your destination. You only have to accept that you don’t need to do anything for happiness.

But this is really difficult for you because you are living inside your mind as an ego. The mind is constantly looking for goals, and the ego always wants to become bigger and stronger. The mind projects happiness into the future, it cannot exist without goals. You believe that by reaching something, you will be happy.

But the future never comes. Even if you reach something, you will create new goals by then. And then you will believe you have to reach these new goals to be happy. Happiness is a horizon that your mind can always see but never able to reach.

When you start the spiritual path, you change your material desires to immaterial ones. But the desiring remains the same. The ego tells you to reach enlightenment, and then you will be perfectly happy forever. But how could you become enlightened when you are already enlightened? The desire to reach enlightenment prohibits you to reach it.

Everyone has his own unique Heaven because everyone is interested in and attracted by different things. Happiness means different things for different people. This means that you can create the perfect life for yourself, the way you feel good in this world and enjoy yourself.

But this outer world is always mirroring your inner world. The outer heaven is always unique because its source is your individuality. But the inner heaven, real happiness is the same for everyone because its source is oneness.

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Memento Mori!

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