Develop Better Body Awareness

Try the meditation that disidentifies you from your body, your negative emotions and stops your thoughts!

They say that the body is the temple of the soul. So why don’t you start searching for it in the temple? In spite of this, many spiritual people try to deny their body, and repress it with dangerous exercises like fasting. Even the Buddha tried this method, and his body got so thin and weak that he almost died. He realized that if he wants to continue on his path, he needs a healthy body, so he accepted the bowl of rice offered to him by a girl. He recognized the importance of balance, and created the rule of the Golden Mean.

In alchemy, the body is considered to be the base matter that has to be transmuted to gold. The alchemical process is long, and contains many steps, but it always starts from the roots. Your consciousness is rooted in your body, but the problem is that you are living too much in your mind. You have to go back to the source, and start your journey fresh, from a new perspective.

You have to go back to your animal roots, and realize that your body ultimately belongs to nature. Instead of denying your raw nature, you have to accept it, and even embrace. it. In fact, you are a God living in an animal body, but right now you are stuck between the two at the human level. At this stage, to move forward, you have to step back, and understand your body.

What we are trying to create in this meditation is body awareness. When you have it, it can automatically slip into pure awareness. Body awareness is about paying your attention to your body and watching it work in action. The problem is that you are unconscious of your body, and that is why your consciousness is stuck in it. You have to see it from a new perspective, from outside, to be able to move beyond it.

I will also make you imagine losing your body step-by-step, which will help you realize that you are not your body. It was always so close to you that you identified yourself with it, but now you can rise beyond it. The identification with the body is the first attachment you have to break on the path of letting go of your ego.

In the last part, I will also teach you how to distance yourself from your emotions, so you are not swept off your feet by them. You cannot control your emotions, but if you don’t want to be controlled by them, then this is the only way. Finally, I will show you a simple trick to stop your thoughts immediately, even if you never succeeded before.


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