Create an Out-Of-Body Experience

Try the meditation that makes you levitate above your body, and learn to control your energy with your mind!

According to modern science, the whole world is a large network of constantly flowing energy. What we perceive as concrete matter is really just mostly empty space. Energy healers around the world have been well aware of this fact for thousands of years. Problems in the energy body cause diseases directly in the physical one. Yet most of us are not connected to the world energetically on a conscious level.

In this meditation, I will show you how to reconnect yourself to this basic energy field, and be more sensitive to it. You will not only learn to perceive it better, but to use it to your advantage, as well. I will teach you how to control the flow of energy just with your thought, and heal yourself in the process. I give you the essence of the teachings I received in India, after studying one month one-on-one with an experienced energy master healer.

Another very effective technique combined into this meditation is known as holotropic breathing. It was introduced by Stanislav Grof, who was a leading researcher on LSD therapy. But when the substance became prohibited by the government, he had to find a substitute therapy that uses no drugs. That is when he found this ancient breathing technique and made it famous around the world. Holotropic breathing is possibly the most powerful technique of breathing that causes dramatic effects on a physiological and on a psychological level, too.

After building up an incredible amount of energy in your body, it will often start vibrating. At this point, we will attempt an out-of-body experiment. The trick is to separate your energy body from the physical one, and this becomes much easier at this stage than normally. We will try three different methods that are well-known to induce out-of-body states. I will gently guide you to levitate in the air, and you will realize that you are not your body. This could be one of the most important steps on your spiritual path.


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