Use Intuition to Find Your Destiny

Try the meditation that lets you connect with your intuition, and realize your full potential!

This meditation was inspired by the various treks I did alone often at nighttime. I would hike for 8-10 hours a day, spend the night inside a cave or on top of an outlook-point, and hike some more the next day. These treks gave me maybe the most joyful moments in my life, as I reconnected with nature on a deep level. Being without reference points, it also helped me to connect with my intuition and hear my own inner voice in the silence of the forest.

Often, I lost my way, and only my intuition was there to guide me in the right direction. In this meditation, I want to share with you this experience, and I want to make it your own. You will take part in an initiation, where I open your third eye, and activate your inner intuition. Then, you will have to find your own path alone in the dark forest of the mind.

I will show you the real difference between intuition and thinking, so from now, you will easily differentiate between the two. After your psychological rebirth, it is very important to follow your intuition instead of the conditioned mind. If you continue to make judgments based on the past, you will soon find yourself in the same – or even worse – situation like before. So, you will learn to use, trust and follow a new, more reliable guide called intuition.

Did you ever wonder about the question of free will versus destiny? Are we constrained by our inevitable destinies that we cannot avoid no matter what we do? Or are we the forgers of our own destinies, and we have ultimate free will? I will answer this question in the meditation, but it is more complicated than you might think. I will also show you how destiny, free will and intuition fit together, and what you need to do with them to attract balance and happiness into your life.

All right, one more question: Do you believe in coincidences? Have you ever had an experience when the coincidence seemed so big as if it was a miracle? If so, it certainly followed the rule of synchronicity. This meditation will also teach you how to notice the signs that Existence put in your way. These signs are guiding you towards your destiny, and your intuition will help you recognize them and make sense of everything. The Inner Intuition Meditation will help you reach your goals, achieve your dreams and change your life.


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