Understand the Mind and Burn the Ego

Clear your mind from social conditioning and negative thought patterns, and rise beyond your personality!

The amount of information you received from others is close to infinite. Your mind is full of information you accepted without questioning its reality. Most of the content of the mind is borrowed garbage from others. Even if they want good for you, your parents, your teachers and the whole society wants you to live in a certain way. All your ambitions, all your goals and dreams are really their ambitions, goals and dreams.

But they programmed your mind so deeply, that you think you are living your own life, when in fact you are living a life that they want you to live. This social conditioning defines your actions, emotions and thoughts. But you have to get rid of this conditioning if you want to realize your real self. Your inherent individuality is hidden behind this social personality. What you really want is behind what others want from you.

Besides, the mind is always thinking in ways how to have more pleasure and less pain. It reduces your life to a „problem”. Then, it is trying to solve this problem. However, it knows that the problem of survival is impossible to solve, because in the end everybody dies, along with the mind itself. So the mind goes around in circles, solving old problems and then creating new problems to solve.

So what do you think is your problem? Do you really have a problem? Your only problem is that you believe your problems. You create all of your problems. So you don’t have to solve your problems, you just have to stop creating them. You don’t really have problems, but really you are the problem. Your problems come from your ego, from the entity that you think you are.

In the Let Go of Ego Meditation, you will be able to get rid of your problems,  your conditioning, and even your ego. In this guided meditation, you will literally collect your own limiting beliefs, and burn them on a pile. Only the clear sky of the mind will remain by the end, and you will be able to experience the infinite space that you really are.


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