Experience the State of Oneness

Try the meditation that lets you awaken your inner consciousness, and realize who you really are!

The experience of oneness is usually the last step to spiritual enlightenment. Many sages have been speaking about it, but few people have actually experienced it. It is a sudden shift in consciousness that completely redefines your worldview. I want to give you this experience, and this meditation is my best attempt to share it with you. It is highly recommended to listen to the full Immortology Hypnosis Series before trying this one.

Before reaching the state of oneness, your consciousness has to go beyond not only your personality, but your individuality, as well. When you are living from your personality, you are defined by the world. You feel a strong border between your inner and outer worlds. The inner is defined by the outer, because your personality is defined by others, and your thoughts and feelings are defined by your circumstances.

When you start living from your individuality, you start to define your world. The borderline between your inner and outer worlds starts to fade. Now, the outer is defined by the inner, because your individuality is inherent, and you realize that your thoughts and feelings define your circumstances.

But when you start living from the source, as pure awareness, the borderline disappears completely. The inner and the outer merge into one, and the duality disappears. In fact, the borderline never existed, but you could not see this in the previous states. The inner and the outer exists only in your mind. But the mind, along with the idea of the inner and the outer, exist in awareness.

Without awareness, you would not be aware of what the mind is thinking. Awareness is not inside your body, but the body is in your awareness. The idea of your body is in the mind itself, and the mind itself is in awareness. Awareness is the source of everything. The Only Oneness meditation will help you realize that you are this awareness.


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