Discover Your Most Limiting Emotion

Discover and release yourself from the bonds of your limiting beliefs and your negative emotional patterns!

Did you realize that certain situations, emotions and thoughts keep repeating themselves in your life? There is a certain kind of emotional pattern that is unique for everybody. This pattern doesn’t only define your emotions, but most of your thoughts, actions and your circumstances, as well. Just think about it: one small pattern of thought that defines your whole life, and you don’t even know about it. It has become unconscious, because you got so used to it that you don’t even notice it anymore.

Until you don’t realize it, and keep yourself under its spell, this pattern will repeat itself in more and more severe forms. Existence would like you to notice this pattern and learn from it. If you don’t learn from the small lessons, it will show you bigger and bigger ones, where you will suffer more and more. But you can end your own suffering simply by recognizing your pattern, and stop repeating it.

If you unconsciously keep repeating a negative pattern of thought, it will soon affect your emotions, which will affect your energy level, and this will cause negative changes in your physical body. This is how psychosomatic diseases – 80% of all diseases – are formed. Besides, this pattern is also the biggest obstacle on the path of self-realization, because it is responsible for most of the thoughts that appear in the mind.

The truth is, you not only inherited the genes of your parents, but their limiting beliefs and their emotional patterns, as well. And just like you combined their genes, and grew a unique body; in the same way you combined their emotional patterns in a unique way. Your parents inherited these emotional patterns from their own parents the same way. The line of inheritance goes back to infinity, so it is no use trying to find the reasons.

In the Parental Pattern Meditation, you will be able to identify your own pattern, and escape from its spell. When this happens, your whole life will suddenly make sense in one moment, and you will realize how you have been causing your own suffering until now. You will be able to easily notice and stop the pattern in your everyday life, and shift your attention to the present moment.


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