Return to the Womb, and Be Reborn

Try the meditation that takes you back before your birth, and emerge as a new person!

They say that your birth was your biggest trauma in your life. And this maybe true, if you think about it for a second. You were living for 9 months in the womb, and you already forgot about it. However, this was one of the most important experiences in your life, and it still affects you subconsciously. Your life did not start with the birth; at that time you only appeared in the world. Before that, your whole world consisted solely of the womb. This forgotten world was Paradise itself for you, you were living in complete happiness.

Then the time came for you to be born. However, from your perspective this was not a birth, but a death. The world you had known so far ended abruptly. You had to leave behind all the comfort, safety, tenderness and warmth. Your birth was the biggest shock in your life from which you still have not recovered from. Unconsciously your whole life is about trying to return to the womb, to this lost Paradise, in some way or another.

In this guided meditation, it is possible to return to the womb, and re-experience this state. You already had memories before you were born, and deep relaxation makes these subconcious memories accessible again. As you were in a complete emotional and physical harmony with your mother, you could even feel what she was feeling at that time.

You can re-experience the oceanic feeling of floating, and may easily feel as relaxed as never before. The meditation contains a special sound effect that was recorded inside a woman’s womb. They usually use such sounds to make babies go to sleep easily. But here, we use it to remind your subconcious mind of your first 9 months.

One other important theme of this meditation is to experience unconditional love. You can easily open your heart, and accept everyone and everything in your life totally. Many people get overwhelmed with love, and even start to cry from happiness. You realize that you are this unconditional love yourself.

The Real Rebirth Meditation finishes with the birth process itself. You can re-experience the birth trauma, and by facing it, and learning to accept it, you can heal yourself. After this meditation, you will be reborn as a new person, peaceful, calm, content and full of love.


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