Forget what you learned so far about life, forget what you think you know, and especially forget who you are. Don’t believe others, don’t believe in others, and don’t believe in yourself. Don’t believe the scriptures, don’t believe in God, and don’t believe even me. Don’t create a problem out of life, don’t create a philosophy, and don’t create a self-image.

These only take you further away from the truth. Don’t try to gather your knowledge from books, because that is worth nothing. Instead, experience everything for yourself first-hand. Experiment with the methods I am giving you, and don’t think about them. Just try them, and you can judge them afterwards, but never before.

After your psychological death, a new entity is born. You used to be a seeker, and now you are a mystic. You lost everything, and now you may be experiencing the dark night of the soul. The real seeking can start only now. You have to totally empty your mind of all the false beliefs that were given to you.

You have to doubt everything, even the most obvious things in the world, and accept nothing as a fact, before you examined it on your own. From now on, a new path is starting for you. A path that is more authentic, genuine and challenging, but also more rewarding and joyful. This is the spiritual path that will let you really know life, know God, know yourself, and that they are ultimately all the same.

After the previous module, blindly believing in life after death could be your last resort to deny death. However, believing that there is no life after death is also a huge mistake. Religious people believe in some kind of afterlife while atheists believe in death. One side believes, the other side disbelieves, but they are both wrong.

The question is not to believe or not to believe. The question is to believe or to know. The question is whether something is your own direct experience or not. Because when you believe, it means you don’t really know. When you already know, you don’t need belief at all.

Most of the information in your head comes not from your own direct experience, but from somebody else. So 90% of your knowledge cannot even be called knowledge, a more proper word would be a belief system. Only the remaining 10% is real knowledge because you know it, not just think that you know it. This 10% comes from the experiences of your own life, and not borrowed from someone else.

Throw away the rest, because not only is it unnecessary, but a hindrance, as well. If you believe something, you won’t be motivated to know it firsthand. You accept the belief and forget to question it. You keep the fake, but you throw away the real. You only have an idea about the truth, and you mix up the idea with the truth itself.

Beyond religion and atheism, mysticism is the third way. Mystics have always worked with doubt instead of belief. They value direct knowledge over indirect information. Mystics are neither believers nor disbelievers. They are non-believers because they have no beliefs. They may have a hypothesis, but they always try to find out for themselves whether it is true or not. They doubt everything in life, and this is how they get to the bottom of it.

I want you to throw away all your belief systems about the afterlife because it is the greatest barrier to facing death. Instead, get rid of the fear of death at your core by experiencing directly that there is no death. You don’t need any afterlife because you are already immortal, you just have to realize it.

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Memento Mori!

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