The first step is feeling, in this case, feeling your body. The problem is that you are too much unconscious of your body, you have lost contact with it. Almost all your movements have become automatic. For example, when you first start to learn how to ride the bike, you have to become very much aware of your body.

You have to learn how to move your hands and feet in coordination, and all the movements seem very strange at first. You are conscious of the movements because they require new ways of using the body.

You have to think first before you move. When you finally learn how to ride the bike, you don’t have to think anymore. You can do everything unconsciously, automatically, and you won’t fall off the bike. In fact, the less you think, the easier it is. Now, it has become a habit: more efficient, but less conscious. Now, you can think about something else, you can daydream while riding the bike, there is no problem. Thus, you totally forget about your body, lose contact with it, and with the present moment, as well.

The same is true for any kind of exercise or physical movement. In time, everything has become a habit, you are living your life unconsciously. You wake up, brush your teeth, dress up, have breakfast, kiss goodbye to your husband or wife, and drive to work. You did this so many times before that you can do it like a robot, totally automatically. You maybe not even there at all, your consciousness is floating away somewhere in your fantasy, while your body is doing the movements by itself.

Feeling the body means being in the body, and not among your thoughts. The easiest way to feel your body again, to “be” in your body, is to break the habits. You have to forget and re-learn how to ride the bike in a new way. You have to learn to use your body consciously, re-learn how to walk, eat, drink, and even how to sit and lie. You have to break the automatic patterns with new kinds of movements.

If you are left handed, become right handed for a week, and vica versa. Try a new sport, do something you have never done before. Move your body like never before, even if it feels awkward first. If it does, even better, because it means you have to be even more aware. Stand in front of the mirror naked, move your hands, and observe the movement. At the same time, observe how it feels inside.

You will realize that suddenly you have become much more conscious of your body, your consciousness got rooted on the physical plane. You have to keep this same kind of presence when you move into the next phase: freeing the body. This means letting the body move freely however it wants to move. However, you have to remain aware, you have to see the body moving freely. The steps of freeing and seeing actually happen together.

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