Many people argue that you don’t need a spiritual teacher, because true knowledge is already inside you. While that’s true, the problem is that you don’t see the true from the false, you can’t see the diamonds among the pile of glass. They look the same, so how do you differentiate? There’s only one way, but it’s very radical, so only a few people are prepared to do it. You need to burn away your whole mind, so that the glass will melt away, and the true diamonds will emerge.

The spiritual teaching is unlike any other teaching. It doesn’t give you new knowledge, it simply takes away all your false assumptions, beliefs and judgments. It’s a purification process, a kind of un-learning. The role of a spiritual teacher is to help and accelerate this process, and not to spoonfeed you a new belief-system.

I feel that those who claim that they don’t need a spiritual teacher miss the essential quality of humility. If you’re not ready to radically open your mind, to surrender totally, to become vulnerable, this purification process will never be complete. Whether you have a mentor or not, you have to walk through the burning fire of truth willingly and with humility.

Many times others see your faults much better than you do. A spiritual teacher simply helps you recognize these blindspots, he or she turns your attention to what you should know, and away from those things that you only think you know. A teacher provokes you with profound questions, to make you realize that there are things that you don’t know that you don’t know. And now that you know that you don’t know, you’ll start to inquire.

Imagine that you were born as a kitten, and you were put into a bottle of glass a couple of days after your birth. Your parents put you there to keep you safe, out of love and good intentions. As a kitten, you were still your true self, because you could fit into the bottle comfortably. It all started very innocently. They put a label on the jar with your name, and slowly you started to identify with it.

They also mixed in their beliefs, unconscious thought patterns, and general misconceptions about life, and as you were very receptive you accepted these without any resistance. They taught you how to survive, they made your bottle thicker, they helped you develop a strong ego. After a while, you started building up your prison from the inside, by integrating more and more things into your personality.

However, at the same time, they also fed you, so your body started growing rapidly, and soon enough you became an adult cat. And with this, you created a huge problem for yourself. You can’t break the bottle because its walls are too thick, but you also can’t escape through its neck, because your body is too big.

The walls of the bottle are pushing you from every direction, they are resisting your growth, which creates huge pain and suffering. The same bottle that protected you now only hinders you. That’s why you feel disconnected from the world, unable to feel a true connection with anyone. Although you are already your true self, you’ve grown up, you have everything you need within you, yet you don’t experience anything from it.

Now you’re just a cat stuffed in a bottle, ugly and deformed, living under its full potential. Do you realize what a cruelty you’ve done to yourself? Often, you don’t, you already accepted this suffering as normal. You see, if a cat grows up living its whole life in a bottle, it will look at the bottle as a part of itself.

What’s even more misleading in this case, is that the bottle is made of glass, it’s transparent. So it’s almost impossible for the cat to realize that there’s a bottle in the first place. That’s how most people live their whole lives: unaware that they are the prisoners of their own minds, totally oblivious of their own egos.

That’s where a spiritual teacher can help you the most in the beginning. He can help you see your own bottle, he can point out its nature so that you can discover it on your own. And when you realize how much suffering it causes, you’ll be motivated to come out of it somehow. With that said, some egos are so torturing, the walls of the bottle are pushing against the body so much, that the glass simply breaks on its own.

Some people are known to have reached liberation without any teacher, even without any teaching or practice. This is possible, but very rare and unpredictable. So if you want to raise your chances and speed up the process at the same time, I highly suggest you to seek the help of a spiritual teacher.

A teacher can easily see your bottle, because he’s free from his own. Although he can’t break your bottle from the outside, he can hand you a hammer, he can give you better tools than what you have now. More importantly, a mentor can also tell you where to hit the glass, so that it breaks easier. Normally, you want to avoid the areas that hurt the most, but those are exactly the places where the bottle pushes you the hardest, and that’s where most work is needed.

At first the process will be painful and hard, but as the walls become thinner, your view will also be clearer. You’re chipping away off your ego piece-by-piece, and with each hit your shell becomes weaker. With one final blow, the whole glass will shatter, and suddenly you’ll be free from the constraints of your ego. You’ll be finally able to experience your true self, and you’ll become your own spiritual teacher.

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