Furthermore, teachers of the law of attraction also tell you that seeing and feeling are not enough, you have to believe in your vision, too. I don’t use the word belief, because it is an ugly word. Don’t believe in your dreams, but trust in them. While using belief to reach your goals, you sort of fake it till you make it. You have to convince yourself of something which is not true yet. When you believe something, you think it to be true, but you also need a basis for your belief.

And exactly this is the weakness of belief. Once you realize that its basis is incorrect, the whole belief system collapses like a house of cards. You can only believe something momentarily that you know to be untrue. You have to supress the reality into the subconscious, and force your imagination into your conscious mind. But deep down you will still know that you are raping your own mind this way, so sooner or later the belief will lose its power.

Belief comes from your head, while the source of trust is your heart. By trusting your dreams, you don’t have to force yourself to believe that they have already come true. You simply allow yourself the possibility, you give your dreams a chance, and you don’t decide in advance. You don’t believe but you don’t disbelieve either. Trust doesn’t need any basis, so it will never collapse.

On the one hand, you may not believe in God, but would you not pray to him when your life is in danger? On the other hand, you may believe in God, but would you trust your life to him? Belief and disbelief are very superficial, they are easy to change. What counts is what you feel deep down in your heart to be true.

If you really know yourself, if you really uncovered your individuality, you can trust in yourself totally. I don’t say believe in yourself, because you can only believe in your ego. The ego has to collapse first, because it is built on lies. Only then can you know truth, and only then can you trust.

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Memento Mori!

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