In spiritual circles, people often debate the use of drugs for spiritual growth. Some condemn all kinds of substances, while others regard it as a shortcut on the way to enlightenment. But just like many other spiritual subjects, this is a gray area, and there are no simple black and white answers. So, here’s my view on spiritual drugs based on my own experience.

First of all, we need to differentiate between psychedelic and non-psychedelic drugs. I would never recommend anyone to even try non-psychedelic drugs like cocaine, heroin or opium, because you may get addicted very easily physically, chemically or mentally. These types of substances help you in no way, they instead cause much harm to your body and mind.

In contrast, psychedelic drugs, also known as entheogens, have been used for thousands of years for psychological and spiritual healing. These include ayahuasca, peyote, magic mushrooms, and more recently LSD and ecstasy. Studies show that psychedelics are safe physiologically and do not lead to addiction. In fact, they may even assist with treating serious addictions to other harmful drugs and alcohol. Thus it’s quite safe to experiment with psychedelic drugs, but never take any of the other types.

The second important point is the intention you have before taking a substance. If you take any type of drug recreationally, meaning just for fun, you may get addicted in no time, especially to weed. On the spiritual path, drugs should only be taken with the intention of mind expansion, deeper learning and spiritual growth. And they shouldn’t be taken often either. If you try any of the more powerful ones, you’ll see that the last thing you want to do after a trip is to take it again, at least for a while. And this is good, because it prevents mental addiction.

It’s important to understand that psychedelic drugs are simply tools, but you have to be careful with them, because they are very powerful. This means that they can be very detrimental when used wrongly, and at the same time truly effective in the right hands. Your attitude and the environment make all the difference, so it’s crucial that you have the right set and setting before going on a trip. Make sure that you have the right intentions and to be in the company and under the guidance of someone experienced.

With all of that said, you don’t need drugs for spiritual development, but if you feel the inclination to try them out, I won’t stop you. I also utilized them on my own spiritual journey, but very very sparingly and carefully. Both times, they served as an initiation from one phase of my journey to another. After just 6 months of becoming a spiritual seeker, I took some Hawaiian rose seeds, which contain LSA, a substance very similar to LSD, but natural. This trip opened up my mind and showed me the true possibilities beyond it. It took me from someone dabbling with spirituality to an unstoppable and true seeker of truth.

The second trip I had was at the very end of this phase, when I graduated from a spiritual seeker to a spiritual teacher. The trips were about about 5 years apart, and this time I drank ayahuasca with an authentic local shaman in Peru. I made another video about this experience, but let’s just say that both of them were mind-blowing. So, the only two trips I had, created a nice beginning and ending of this phase of my spiritual journey. I haven’t used any drugs since then, and I don’t intend to do so, because I don’t feel that I need it.

Finally, let me speak about the biggest disadvantage of using psychedelic substances for spiritual growth. As the name suggests, growth is organic, natural and slow. Just like a tree, your aim is to reach the sky, but at the same time, remain firmly rooted in the ground. You need to grow so big that while your feet stay on the ground, your head reaches the heavens. In other words, spiritual growth is about fusing the material with the spiritual, without denying either aspect.

The problem is that too many people simply don’t have the patience to grow, and they are looking for shortcuts to reach the sky quicker. They build a rocket and fuel it with drugs to fly high. Indeed, the psychedelic experience is very similar to a mystical one, but they are not the same. And when the fuel runs out, when the drugs lose their effects, they fall back to the ground, and wonder where the elevated state of consciousness went.

Well, the sky is still there, it’s still available, but the only way to permanently reach it, is to reach it without drugs. At most, a psychedelic journey can give you a glimpse, a peak, a vision into what’s possible, and motivation to propel you forward on your journey upwards. But you’ll never stay afloat among the white clouds in your rocket, so don’t hope to attain permanent enlightenment from psychedelics.

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