In spiritual talks, the question of free will and destiny often comes up. On the one hand, having a destiny means that you have a predefined life path. On the other hand, having a free will means that you can do anything in life, you are not bound. Free will and destiny seem to be opposites at first. It seems either this or that is the truth, but they cannot be both true.

But if you go beyond duality, the opposites become one through synthesis. Immortology is an alchemical process, in which we turn opposites into complementaries. The same happens here by performing an act of synthesis.

In the animal world, destiny is totally bound, because animals can act only instinctively. Instinct is the unconscious intelligence, its functioning is completely automatic and calculable. An animal reacts to a certain stimulus always in a certain way.

These automatic reactions are programmed into its brain, and the animal totally identifies with them. Animals cannot think, and cannot be aware of their own behaviour. This is why their actions are so beautiful and innocent. Their actions are always total, they become one with them.

The behaviour of a human baby is also similar. He also behaves totally instinctively, based on his unconscious intelligence. But as the human grows up, his intelligence also grows with him. The ego starts to form, and the child becomes aware of himself and his own behaviour.

At the same time, society starts to condition the inner world of the child. He wants to do one thing, but others say he has to do another. This way he becomes divided inside, and cannot act totally. Most people stay divided in their whole life, living only half-heartedly, conditioned by their past. When the unconscious intelligence becomes conscious, the instinct becomes intuition.

However, this inner intelligence is overshadowed by the outer conditioning. This creates the division, and most choose to live according to society’s rules. Intuition almost always collides with social expectations. Social norms are uniform, while intuition comes from the depths of the individuality, which is always unique.

As animals live completely driven by their instincts, they do not have free will. Their every single act is based on gut reaction. They cannot behave against their instinct, because they are not even aware of it. As consciousness grows in humans, so does free will. The child realizes one day, that he does not necessarily have to follow his first reaction.

The more aware he is, the more he can be free of his instinct. Compared to plants and animals, we are living in unbelievable freedom. We can rise above the level of gods, but we can also sink deeper than animals. Complete freedom comes with complete responsibility.

Human consciousness goes through three levels of intelligence. The first one is the unconscious intelligence of babies also called instinct. The second one is the conscious but conditioned intelligence called ego. The third one is the conscious and pure intelligence, or intuition. You start from a level of unconscious oneness, then slip into a state of conscious duality, and finally you reach the level of conscious oneness. But the last one is only a possibility and not a certainty.

You are an individual, indivisible. You have a unique song hidden inside you that you have to sing, or a dance that you have to dance. Everybody’s path is unique, everybody’s destiny is different. Nobody else can sing this song, it was written only for you.

Also, nobody else can tell you what this song is like, you have to figure it out for yourself. Only you know this song, and only you can sing it. Isn’t this beautiful? Believe me, singing it will also be beautiful. Listening to your intuition is the only way to find out what your song is and how to sing it.

If you want to know your destiny, only you can help yourself. Your parents, your teachers, your friends and even oracles cannot tell your destiny. You have a personal inner compass that shows you the right way on the infinite ocean of possibilities. You can be truly happy only if you follow your own path. This way, the path itself becomes the source of happiness.

So the truth is, that free will and destiny exist at the same time. You have a very clear defined path in life, and this path leads to yourself. You create certain situations for yourself that you need to experience in order to know yourself better and learn the lessons of life.

However, at the same time, you have ultimate freedom to choose every single decision in life. You have the freedom to choose your path or to go astray. Balance and happiness come to you when you choose your destiny out of your free will. This looks like a paradox, but every important thing in life is paradoxical.

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Memento Mori!

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