Most people think that they have to suffer in the present to be happy in the future. Following this idea is among the biggest mistakes of all time. Your parents probably told you that you have to do things you don’t really enjoy to reach to a level one day when you can enjoy your life. But this day never comes. Did you ask your parents whether they are happy today?

The day they were waiting for so much never came for them either. They heard this idea from their own parents, and teach you the same mistake. They are not teaching you based on their own experiences, but based on what they heard from their parents. The source of false ideas goes back to generations, and cannot even be traced back to its origin.

The first step contains the whole destination, just like the seed already contains the whole tree. How you feel yourself in a situation that you created depends on the feelings you created the situation with. And every situation is created by you, none of them is by accident.

You hope to find happiness through suffering, but you find only more suffering. That is because suffering creates even more suffering, while happiness creates more happiness. You waste your life doing things you do not enjoy, but the hope of a happy future gives meaning to your suffering.

I want to take away all hope, all future and all suffering from you. Hope is false, future never comes, and suffering is meaningless. You can find happiness only in the present, so only the present has meaning. But this meaning is an end in itself. You do not have to hope to be happy, because you can be happy right now. In fact, you can be happy only right now. And the happy moments in the present will also lead to happiness in the future.

You have to stop doing what you do not enjoy. You should do only what you enjoy, and nothing else. Do what you love and love what you do. Just follow your bliss, and it will guide you to happiness. In fact, happiness is always there, it needs not be created. Your natural state is happiness, but you pay attention to suffering, and this becomes your reality. So suffering is two times meaningless.

First, it does not lead to happiness. Second, its very existence is the reason you do not experience happiness. A meaningful life is the sum of meaningful moments. Every moment you enjoy is meaningful, while every moment you suffer is meaningless. Although neither happiness, nor suffering take you anywhere, suffering is worth nothing, while happiness is worth everything.

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