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"However frightening the sound is, in reality it can guide your mind better this way, and it is easier to do what it says. I could easily empty my mind, and almost levitate my body."

Akos Kepes

"This voice was strange at first, but instead of being afraid, it made me calm. The meditation contained interesting ideas. A book or a video would not be able to give a similar experience. It made me think about things I wouldn't normally think about. Altogether it is of high quality, 9 out of 10."

Laszlo Gerendas

"One time before listening the Defeat Death meditation, something in my past really bothered me for hours, I couldn't find peace about it. The meditation makes me imagine being dead, and burned away in a crematory. As creepy as it sounds, after the dwelling and emotional pain before, it felt really peaceful, feeling everything I am perished away, my body, thoughts and feelings. Only awareness is left. Pratically this meditation kills the part of my mind that causes me pain, discomfort, and dwelling, without physically dying. Its an ego suicide, if everyone had a copy of this, there would be lot less real suicides in the world."

Daniel Csepe

"I suffer from severe anxiety. I can't get through a doctor's appointment without having a major panic attack. A few days after my last doctor visit I seen the ad for the Defeat Death meditation. I know it was meant to be. Gabriel's voice mixed with the sound effects made the experience real. Since listening to this I have been more calm and forgiving, especially with my family. Once you see the casket lid close during this meditation, that really shook me up and I realized the time is now! I read somewhere that when the student is ready the master will appear. I feel Gabriel Dee is that master. I'm 41 years old and have tried almost every spiritual, self help, meditation, chants you can think of. Researched as many different religions of this world that I could find and nothing has worked to bring me any peace or comfort except for this meditation/hypnosis. I still have a lot to learn and experience but my training has just begun. I feel like Immortology is the path I've been searching for all these years.
Thank you Gabriel Dee"

Aaron Johnson

Hi Gabriel,
The hypnotic meditation was so much more than I expected and I went deep into the analogy you were presenting. It touched me in ways I never imagined. Everyone should experience the natural way you show everyone what is really important in Life . Not only does it guide the listener into who and what they really are but allows them to do so w/o fear and have total understanding that we are much more than the body.
The experience was magnificent and led me on a journey I've been on before and IT Turned out to be the same but understanding the experience on a deep personal level. All I can say is thank you for taking me on such a quality hypnotic experience like never before. WOW!

William Garrett

Defeat Death is an intense and interesting meditation that can lead to having a fascinating experience. It helps in contemplating your own demise and leads to a greater appreciation of what you have but isn't yours.


Amazing meditation! Actually to be honest, more than just a meditation. The hypnotic Induction takes you very deep, making the guided meditation that follows so much more powerful. I’ve listened to this meditation 3 times now and each time is deeper and more intense. The contemplation of death and our fears and anxieties is something everyone should do. You soon realise that death is just another beautiful aspect of life. So fleeting and unknown .
I cannot begin to describe the intensity of the joy and happiness I have felt... make the most of every moment it may be your last!
I read Gabriel's book The Power of Death after listening to his guided meditations... truly amazing and thought provoking. I definitely recommend it to everyone. No book has impacted me this much since “Eckhart Tolles “ The power of Now”. Immortology goes one step further and lays the foundation and specific steps through hypnosis and guided meditations to allow you to implement into your daily life.


"Although I practiced relaxation before, this 1 hour long hypnosis took me down much deeper than I expected. It was a really new experience for me. It reminded me of memories that I already forgot. It helped me make important choices that greatly influence my future. The greatest achievement was that I managed to forget about the past and the future for a couple of days, and concentrate on the present moment."

Mate Molnar

"Although the voice was strange at first, it kept me attentive and focused the whole time unlike other guided meditations with softer voices. This meditation guided me into depths within myself that I hadn't yet explored, and eventually led me to bask in the infinite space of nothingness. I enjoyed the way that it invited me to perceive my body as material, which allowed me to transcend past some previously limiting belief systems, that part was especially powerful."

Megan Abbott

"I think I will have to listen to this meditation a couple of times not to cry through all of it, and to be able to calm down more. Thank you for the experience, it was very very powerful. I relaxed a lot before, but I could never go so deep like this time. My body felt like 200kgs, and I couldn't move, even if I wanted to. The background music is also very good. Thank you again, and congratulations for creating this meditation!"

Nikolett Gados