In the first module of the Academy, you have to learn how to connect yourself to the element of earth, or how to be grounded. Certainly, the body is already connected to the earth, otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to survive. It is connected through breathing, eating, drinking, and sleeping. If you don’t breathe for 3 minutes, don’t drink for 3 days, don’t eat for 3 weeks, and don’t sleep for 3 months, you die.

Plants are connected visibly and physically to the earth, so these processes blend together in them. We don’t see them sleeping, eating, drinking or breathing because these happen in a single undivided flow of action. It is not really an action, more like a happening. But we know that they do photosynthesize – which is the equivalent of breathing – and they do soak up water and chemicals from the ground.

During the process of evolution, animals became mobile, and thus able to store energy just like a battery. But this also means that they need to get recharged on a regular basis. As the first human stood up on two legs millions of years ago, we distanced ourselves from the earth element even more. But denying our connection to the earth causes many problems and unnatural tendencies.

It is important to recharge yourself regularly and sufficiently. Eat more healthy, more raw, more unprocessed food. Sleep at least 8 hours, go to bed and wake up always at the same time. Drink more water than you normally would, and pay attention to its quality. Be more aware of your breathing, take deep and long breaths into your stomach. Exercise regularly at least for 30 minutes daily without straining yourself too much.

Listen to your body, because it knows what it needs, and when it needs it. Become more natural, be more in nature. Walk barefoot, swim in the ocean and hike in the mountains. Touch a tree and feel its energy. Lie down on the ground, and watch the clouds or the stars. You will enjoy these tremendously because you will feel re-connected with nature, something that many of us forgot in this modern world.

When I started my spiritual journey, I intuitively found and invented techniques to connect with my higher self, however little I knew about it then. I intuitively felt that the best place to connect to my natural side is to go to nature. So, I decided to go out for one night to my favorite forest very close to my home and spend the night there alone. I wanted to reconnect myself to the 4 elements on a deep level, and this became one of my first spiritual experiences.

In this free report, I’ll reveal my number one secret to spiritual enlightenment that almost nobody else speaks about. Download it now below, to find out what it is! I can guarantee you, you’ll be surprised!

Memento Mori!

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