The truth is, you not only inherited the genes of your parents but their limiting beliefs and their emotional patterns, as well. And just like you combined their genes, and grew a unique body; in the same way, you combined their emotional patterns in a unique way. Your parents inherited these emotional patterns from their own parents the same way. The line of inheritance goes back to infinity, so it is no use trying to find the reasons.

This emotional pattern is defining you in every minute of your life strongly and unconsciously. You are so used to it, that it is very difficult to recognize it for yourself. This is the one emotional pattern that you never liked in your parents, and which you always tried to avoid. But while you were trying to avoid it, you put your attention on it. And this way, you gave it more and more energy, until you manifested it in your own life. And this vicious circle is still going on in this present moment.

In the Parental Pattern Meditation, you will be able to identify your own pattern and escape from its spell. When this happens, your whole life will suddenly make sense in one moment, and you will realize how you have been causing your own suffering until now. You will be able to easily notice and stop the pattern in your everyday life and shift your attention to the present moment.

You have to thank your parents for supporting you all of your life, feeding you, encouraging you, caring for you. They did an incredible job. Without them, you wouldn’t be where you are, and you wouldn’t be who you are now. However, you have to understand, that it is not easy being a parent. They must have made many mistakes along the way. But you also have to know, that each time they only wanted the best for you.

All of their mistakes have come from ignorance, and not from bad intentions. Let go of all the built up negative emotions of the past regarding your parents. Even if they did something bad to you, it is you, who is keeping the negative emotions. It is you, who is poisoned by anger and sadness. And it is only you, who can let go of these emotions.

Only you can free yourself. This is your choice. You feel these feelings because you want to feel them. But when you understand that you are doing bad to yourself, it is easy to let go of the past. So, forgive your parents for their mistakes, and thank them for everything.

Now, remember the main emotional patterns and limiting beliefs of your parents. That of your father, and that of your mother. Which feelings did you suppress most in your life? What did you avoid saying or doing, because you were afraid your parents would disapprove? What needs did you have, that were never quite met? What was the one emotion that you always tried to avoid? Identify your emotional pattern! Name the feeling, name the thought!

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Memento Mori!

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