Homosexuality is a complex phenomenon debated equally highly among the general population and amongst scientists. They can’t seem to agree for the causes of same-sex sexual orientation, but what we can know for sure is that it has biological, environmental, social and psychological reasons. In this video, we’ll discuss each of these aspects in detail.

At first sight, the evolutionary benefit of homosexuality might not be easy to notice. In fact, according to Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest, this tendency should have disappeared a long time ago, as gay individuals are unable to pass their genes down the line to the next generation. But from observation it’s quite clear that homosexuality is fully alive and well.

In fact, there are over 450 different species of animals that show some kind of homosexual behavior, so anybody who says it’s unnatural is clearly wrong. Research indicates that various forms of it are found in every major geographic region and every major animal group. So then, what’s the benefit of this kind of behavior?

Speaking in a strictly biological sense, it’s not beneficial for the individual, rather for the species in general. Research has shown that when a woman bears more than 3 or 4 children, the youngest one is more prone to show homosexual tendencies. This is nature’s way to say that enough is enough, and a clever method to prevent overpopulation. The role of the gay or lesbian individual then is to keep the family together, to offer physical and psychological help to those in need.

The other reason why homosexuality is not unnatural, is that there are certain hormones that were identified to be responsible for sexual orientation. In this sense, being gay is not a choice, and several attempts to change homosexuality have proven to be unfruitful. That’s why if you were born like this, the only way to be who you really are is to accept it.

But it’s not just about biology, environmental factors play a role, too. That’s why it’s more widespread in monasteries, in the army, and any other time and place where and when men and women are separated. The sexual energy is very powerful and it always finds a way for expression one way or another. Even among animals, this kind of behavior is much more common when there are not enough males or females in the population.

Even more interesting than the environmental factor is the social one. Homosexual behavior can also be seen as a form of social bonding, as an extension of friendship between man and man or woman and woman. Being gay is becoming more accepted socially, and humans are well known to be social animals, and having a predisposition of imitating each other.

So even if you only have a slight homosexual tendency, you’ll be much more inclined to explore it nowadays as opposed to the past when it was criminalized or labeled as a disease. In some cultures, it may even be seen as trendy. Also, when you’re unsuccessful with the opposite sex or find it more frustrating, a same sex relationship may easily seem more tempting.

Besides the biological, environmental and social factors, we can also speak of psychological aspects. You come from one part man and one part woman, and your mind is also both feminine and masculine at the same time. The question is, which part dominates the other.

On the one hand, artists are usually seen as more feminine, because they have a better sense of beauty, and are generally more sensitive to the finer aspects of life. On the other hand, business women need more masculine traits for their line of work, like a strong sense of leadership and sometimes dominant behavior. Humanity will become more balanced when men can embrace their feminine, and women their masculine sides.

Society could become more balanced if we accepted this duality, and if heterosexuals could accept homosexuality. Straight people don’t have much of a problem with gays per se, but rather with the act of showing it off. Certainly, gay people feel the need to show their pride because they feel rejected by society and they want to rebel. This way, it becomes a vicious circle, which can be broken only by acceptance from both sides.

So if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual, don’t make it a big deal! Accept it as a simple fact of life, don’t let your life revolve around your sexual taste. Sexuality is just a small aspect of life, and no matter who you’re attracted to, it shouldn’t matter that much. Accept it, and then move on with your life, because there are much more important things to focus on.

The biggest danger of homosexuality is that it often becomes a huge part of the ego, it grows to be a very strong identification, difficult to shed. As a spiritual being, you are first and foremost identified with being a human, and the identification with your gender and your sexual orientation comes second. But the truth is that in the state of enlightenment you overcome your attachment to your gender, and even your attachment to being human.

On the highest level of your being, you realize that you’re simply a witness, undefinable, indescribable. Until then, embrace your body, embrace your sexuality, embrace whoever you are. Don’t make it a problem, and it will cease to be one.

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