The mind is always tense thus it can never relax. Real art doesn’t come from the mind but from beyond. It is not personal but universal, not subjective but objective. Meaning the art doesn’t contain the individual artist’s thoughts, feelings and experiences. When it is complete, what the artist sees is completely new even for him, and not necessarily related to his own life.

The source of real creativity is your intuition which can manifest as dreams, visions or voices. When you realize the emptiness of your personality, you become just an empty vessel for God. God didn’t just create the world in one week, it is constantly creating it through you and others. You are conscious yet you are not really doing anything consiously, you simply let things happen. You become the paint brush itself which doesn’t have its own will, because it is moved by the hands of God.

It can also be said that traditionally, there were always more men artists than women, in spite of creativity being a feminine energy. Why is it so? Well, both men and women have both masculine and feminine energies, the question is only which dominates the other. Women can naturally express their creativity by giving birth to a baby and raising a child.

Certainly, I am not saying that women cannot be or should not be artists. Just that they already have a built-in creative channel while men have to create one. So while creativity is a feminine energy, it doesn’t mean that men are not capable of creation. Men also want to be pregnant, they also want to have a baby of their own, the also want to channel their creative urges somehow.

In fact, real creativity feels like a birthing process, it is just like giving birth to an idea. First you are just pregnant with it, then you start to materialize it, you help it mature and grow, and finally you let it go. You treat your creation like a baby, with great love and care. Sometimes the birthing process is slow and painful, but it is always worth it in the end, because it gives you so much pleasure.

After you finished the creation, you will be unburdened but also empty. Just remember that this is normal, a mother also feels empty after giving birth. You can finally rest a bit, and soon again, you can be in a creative mood, and something new can be born. Experiment with life, always stay curious, and never stop learning and exploring.

Another definition of creativity is seeing something in a unique way for the very first time, looking at something from a totally new perspective. Where normally everybody sees the same thing, you see something different. It is not that the thing itself – be it nature, a person or an idea – changes, you simply discover a new aspect of it.

Another possibility for creativity is connecting two things that have never been connected before. Noticing a relation between two seemingly unrelated things. Connecting the dots and creating a line. Mixing up ideas from two different areas of life, and synthesizing a third one. Just like when two brain cells connect for the very first time, it feels like a light bulb switched on in your mind.

Of course, if you don’t express your creative perspective, nobody will know about it. That’s why the second phase in creativity is always expression. Expression needs skill, but skill is only secondary. The unique point of view is more important, because without it there is nothing to express. Skill can be learned, but perspective is a knack, it is more like a mindset or an attitude.

Expression can historically take the form of speaking, writing, drawing, painting, sculpting or dancing, but it is not restricted to these modes of expression. It can be any kind of action, you don’t have to be an artist, but you can do everything with art. Japanese made even the most ordinary things an art, like gardening or drinking tea. Everything you say can be poetic, every movement a holy dance, and your life a complete masterpiece.

And don’t forget: you are expressing yourself in everything you do, even if you are unconscious about it. If you are sitting in meditation doing nothing, you are also expressing something with it. The sitting Buddha is one of the most common depictions of art, there are countless drawings, paintings, sculptures and statues. There is tremendous hidden beauty in his silence that inspires millions of people. How will you inspire others in your unique way?

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