The next method I show you will make it possible to empty your mind by deleting your thoughts one by one. How can you delete your thoughts? Refute them, deny them, reveal their illusory nature!

Think about the following for a second: Does any thought have any substance, any reality outside of your own mind? Can you really prove any of your thoughts? No, because any proof is also just in your mind. You cannot be 100% certain in anything because you are bound to apply circular logic in every case.

Your mental world is entirely subjective, you cannot give your thoughts to someone else. Just like you cannot share a dream, you cannot share your mind with others. Only reality can be shared, only something which is objective. Your mind is just your personal interpretation of the world around you, and not the world itself.

Realize the difference between a chair and the thought of a chair! When you look at a chair, you internalize it, it becomes part of your mental world. You define it, you give it a name, a function, and a shape, and hold it inside your memory. The virtual chair is inside now, but the real one is still outside! You can do anything with your mental chair, but you can sit only on the real one.

You internalized every single piece of information in your life and created a virtual world in your head. By the time you grow up, you are filled with names, concepts, labels, evaluations and interpretations. When you look at something for the very first time, your look is still innocent. Your mind is still open, and your eyes are full of curiosity and excitement. But when you look at the same thing again, your eyes become dull, and your mind becomes closed.

Your mind already internalized it, labeled it and judged it. You subconsciously think that you already know it, because it is part of your virtual world. It is not so interesting anymore, your attention quickly slips over it. This is how everything in your life, your home, your job, your partner, slowly become boring and repetitious. This is how you are numbing yourself to life and becoming dead inside.

When you look at a rose, do you see a label on it saying “rose”? Or saying “beautiful”? A rose is just a rose, nothing more and nothing less. Whenever you simply watch the rose without thoughts, you are in contact with reality. But as soon as you start thinking about it, you lose contact with the essence of the rose.

In this exercise, whenever a thought comes up, refute it! Realize that it is just a thought, and not real. Deny all your thoughts as they appear after each other one by one. You may soon catch yourself in a whirlwind of thoughts traveling deep down into the core of your being. You may soon, sometimes even suddenly, get into a thoughtless state of mind.

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Memento Mori!

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