The practice of the “Eyes of Death” is not only meant for objects though. It wins even more importance when you start to practice it in relation to other people. Thinking about the inevitable death of other people brings real love, forgiveness, and appreciation in your life. Contemplation on death brings compassion to life.

Many people regret their last words with a loved one. Maybe they say something stupid, wish something bad or do something wrong to the other person. And then the next day, they hear the bad news. The loved one suddenly dies, and now they cannot take their words back, cannot undo what they did to him. Now it is too late, they cannot ask for forgiveness. So they often regret their last words until the end of their own lives, without being able to forgive themselves.

The catch is that you can never know which words will be the last ones that you say to somebody. So finish every conversation as if that was the last one. If you have been waiting to say something to someone, just say it, because this time may be your last chance.

If you love someone, express your love. In the face of death, there is no place for waiting or for lies. And remember, you are always in the face of death, just like every other person in your life. Say goodbye every time as if you said goodbye to a dying person.

Just imagine, how you would treat a dying person. You would be respectful, loving, compassionate, sincere, authentic and tender. Now, you just have to realize the fact that everybody around you is dying. It is just a matter of time, but the process of dying is always there, silently in the background.

So you should treat everybody accordingly all the time. Could you treat a dying person badly or with disrespect? Could you wish anyone bad things in the door of death? Could you be angry at someone lying on a deathbed?

The key to authentic compassion is remembering death. Looking into the inevitable future with the “Eyes of Death”, and realizing that everyone around you is going to die. Everyone before you died, everyone around you dies, and everyone after you will die, too.

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Memento Mori!

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