What we are trying to create here is called body awareness. When you have it, it can automatically slip into pure awareness. Body awareness is about paying attention to your body and watching it work in action. The problem is that you are unconscious of your body, and that is why your consciousness is stuck in it. You have to see it from a new perspective, from outside, to be able to move beyond it.

So, the first step to enlightenment is to be more conscious of your body. If you can be 100% conscious of it, you will automatically step out of it, and disidentify yourself from it. Instead of denying or suppressing your body, understanding is the key. But true understanding always comes from personal experience.

I will teach you a very simple but powerful practice that you can try right now. And if you liked it, you can make it a part of your everyday life. So, just sit back in your chair, relax and take a deep breath.

Pay attention to your back as it touches the chair. Feel the borderline between the chair and the back. Pinpoint the exact location where your back and the chair meet. Concentrate on this area, and try to define the exact feeling that this touch causes in your body. Now, start to focus on your feet, and feel it touching the ground. Pinpoint the exact location where your feet and the floor meet. Exactly what kind of feeling does this touch create?

Continue to keep your attention on your body. Focus on all the outer parts of your body that touch either the chair or anything else. Feel the push in all the areas at once, at the same time. Do this for a minute now.

Now, ask this question to yourself, but don’t try to answer it, just watch yourself. If you observe your body, and you move your body, you cannot be your body. Who or what is it that observes the body inside and outside? Who moves this body? Who are you inside this body?

Give at least one minute to this question. And from now on, every time you do something, be more conscious of your body. Know, that you are the one, who is moving the body. Don’t let your movements be unconscious like usually. So, who are you really inside the body? Don’t try to give a definite answer, just feel it!

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Memento Mori!

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