Shadow work is unavoidable if you want to attain enlightenment because there is no place for darkness and shadows in pure light. One of the first and most important steps of the spiritual path is to integrate your shadow into your ego. By integrating it, it stops being a shadow and starts being part of the ego. By making it conscious, it stops being unconscious, and everything you consciously think about yourself is your ego. An ego without a shadow can be called a pure ego.

You can drop your shadow by letting go of the idea of who you should not be and what you should not do. Then, it will be possible to drop your pure ego too, by letting go of the idea of who you should be and what you should do. What remains then is your pure individuality, what remains is who you are without any condemnations or expectations, and without any resistance or conditioning.

So, the way is to integrate the shadow, but every time you face it, pain comes up. This is the same pain you wanted to avoid by pushing it into the subconscious. But the shadow is called the shadow, exactly because you cannot escape from it, it follows you everywhere. And as your subconscious is 10 times more powerful than your conscious mind, the hidden aspects of yourself control your life in a much greater degree than the ones you know about.

The more you are afraid of a demon, the more frightening it becomes. The more you resist your shadow, the stronger it becomes. You need to stop feeding it with your energy, and the only way is to release your resistance and face the pain. But if you remember the exercise from a previous lesson about healing emotional pain, you will realize that this pain will only last for a moment. If you don’t resist it, it can flow right through you, and you can let it go.

So now, I would like you to make a simple but important exercise. The key is to be completely authentic with yourself and conjure up some courage. Try to find out what you have been denying in yourself so far. I actually want you to listen to your demon and hear its whispers. Why do you really do what you do? What are some hidden motivations in your life that you don’t want to admit to yourself?

What is it that you really want to do, but you don’t? What activities serve as substitutes for your true desires? What is it that you condemn in others the most? In what ways are you doing exactly the same thing without even realizing it? What is it that others condemn in you? What is it that you condemn in yourself? What advice would you give to yourself, if you were your own life coach?

If during shadow work you meet some painful truth, that is actually a good sign. You need to purge yourself from your demon, and the only way is to stop denying it and start understanding it. Don’t express it, just accept it and understand it. Even if it is painful, keep going until you are completely clear. I promise you that a great relief is waiting for you in the end of the tunnel.

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Memento Mori!

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