Basically, there are only two ways to experience universal oneness: dis-identify with everything or identify with everything. Become either nothing or everything, and ultimately you reach the same place. The trick is not to be selective, include everything, or throw out everything. Normally you say: I am this, but not that. Exactly this kind of selective thinking creates the duality.

You can imagine the spiritual path like traveling around the Earth. You start from the source, you go around the globe, and in the end you return to your source. But only when you return can you really appreciate it, only then you really notice it consciously. However, most people make the mistake of not going the full circle, and getting stuck somewhere far away from home. It is not a coincidence that so many people feel lost in their lives.

Now, as the Earth’s shape is a globe, it certainly doesn’t matter which direction you start your journey, because you will ultimately circle back to where you started. The only thing that matters is to go a full circle and not to stop on the way. So, you can start by dis-identifying yourself from everything, or you can do just the opposite: identify yourself with everything.

You can try both, and stay with the one that suits you better. First, try feeling this: I am the body, I am energy, I am the emotions, I am the thoughts. But don’t stop there! I am my spouse, I am my neighbour, I am the rich man in the penthouse, and I am the beggar on the streets. I am the tree in the garden, I am the wild bear in the forest, and I am the Sun in the sky. I am what I sense, I am what I touch, I am what I hear, I am what I see, I am what I smell and I am what I taste. I am everything and everybody.

Second, try the opposite, and dis-identify yourself from everything. In fact, you are already very familiar with this method. This is the spiritual practice we started with right from the very beginning. I was trying to make you realize step-by-step of what you are not. You are not the body, not the energy, not the emotions and not the thoughts. In this process, meditation was the last step to purify you from everything that you are not.

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Memento Mori!

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