Wake up, you will die! You are asleep, dreaming a life, but not living it. I want to shake you up from your sleep, and shout into your ears that you are going to die. You are only really alive after you wake up. And then, when you are awake, I want to whisper into your ears that you will live forever. Until you are sleeping, you are doomed to death. After you wake up from the sleep of the ego, you will live forever.

You know that you are going to die, and you are afraid of it. So you try to forget about death and deny it. You deny it in every possible way and erase it from your everyday life. But the fear of death keeps working even harder in your subconscious mind.

You subconsciously avoid dangerous situations, stay in your comfort zone, and search for security. You repress your emotions and hold back your love for others because you are afraid of losing them. The fear of death causes a fear of life. You are afraid to live the present moment in its totality because then you will be reminded of death.

By avoiding death, you avoid life, too. By denying death, you deny life, as well. By imagining that you will never die, you are devaluing life. By devaluing life, you are wasting it. You don’t live the life you really want to live, you settle for a life you are able to live, given your circumstances. You are too afraid to step out of your comfort zone because of the fear of death.

You are not motivated enough to do what you really want to do because of the denial of death. Instead, you are living a dead life based on fear and comfort. Outside, you seem to be living, but inside you are dead.

I want to transform you as deeply as possible and give your eyes back to see value in life again. I want to open your eyes to the truth, the truth that you cannot see in your sleep. I want to transform you from a living dead through living death to a real living being.

So the first thing is to realize the many ways you deny death. Realize the illusion you are living in, and how you are cheating yourself. The most important is to face death, and stop denying it. In the face of death, your life wins back its value and its meaning. By remembering death, you will also remember that each moment is valuable, and every action is significant.

Being aware of death, you can also become aware of yourself, and start to live an authentic life. A life you really want to live, and not one controlled by fear and dead routine. If you face death, the fear of death will disappear, and with it, the fear of life, too. Facing death frees you from all of your fears, and gives you the courage to finally be yourself.

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Memento Mori!

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