Instead of thinking about what you can gain, start thinking about what you can give. You arrived to this world with empty hands, and you will also leave it with empty hands. But you can fill your heart with love, fulfill your dreams, and enrich the world with your gifts. You can really make the world a better place, and you should, too.

Your gifts are meant to be given away, that’s why they are called gifts. Your unique talents should be used to surprise and enrich others in a unique way. Don’t forget about your talents, and don’t keep your gifts for yourself. Discover your strenghts and your passions. Talk to your colleagues, friends and family members for their insight. Keep a running list, and see which strengths come up most frequently. Often, others see your gifts more clearly than you do.

Concentrate on your strengths instead of trying to improve upon your weaknesses. It is okay to be mediocre in most things if you are great at one. The most successful people polish one craft into perfection, and neglect everything else. Be the best at what you do, and everything else will follow. So, what will be your domain of mastery?

Also, consider what topics and activities you’re passionate about and that you find interesting. What is it you enjoy so much, that you would continue even if you were not paid for it? What is it that you could go on doing until the rest of your life? You can probably connect your strengths with your passions. If you become really good at what you like to do, you can probably live from it. Your legacy should be a labor of love – not a chore.

The problem is that most people choose an occupation that they don’t really like. You spend 8 hours sleeping doing nothing, 8 hours doing something you hate, just to be able to spend 8 hours doing something you love. This is the twisted sense of balance in modern society, but it shouldn’t be so. The banker wants to be a baker, the baker dreams of being a banker, and they both suffer. Everybody has a place, but almost nobody is there.

Your job is to find your own. If you find a work you really enjoy, you won’t call it a job anymore. Occupation is an ugly word. You occupy yourself with some random activity because you have nothing better to do. If you don’t have dreams, somebody else will hire you to build his dreams.

Don’t just choose a career, have a vocation. When you do anything out of duty, you come to hate it, and soon it becomes a burden. A sense of duty is against love, therefore against creativity.You have to be dedicated to what you do with passion, and you have to strive to be a master at it to really call it your profession.

Then, and only then, will you finally find some meaning in your work. But if you want to take your life to a whole different level, you can start creating your legacy right now. This way, you make it possible for others to find meaning in your work, too. And not only until you live, but even after you die.

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Memento Mori!

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