When you live out of your personality, you have to swim against the current, and you have to fight for everything. But when you live out of your individuality, you just have to rely on the current and flow with it. Your destiny is waiting for you with open arms, just be brave enough to make the first step, and let yourself go.

This does not mean that you don’t have to act. It means that you have to act rightly, and avoid all other unnecessary actions. Right action is not morally, ethically or socially right. It only means that its source is your intuition, because it always leads to the right path.

If this action is in accordance with social expectations, good. If not, that is also good. When you follow your own light you will realize which social norm has real meaning, and which one is created only to turn people into slaves.

The more you follow your destiny, the more whole you become. You start becoming who you really are. Your individuality now is only a possibility, a seed, that you have to take care of. But this tiny seed contains the blueprint of a huge tree. The small seed already contains the destiny of the whole tree, but nurturing the seed is your choice.

First of all, you have to clear all the rubbish you collected from its path. As consciousness starts to grow inside you, it starts its way downwards, towards your center. The seed grows roots inside you, and stabilizes its position. Your intuition leads the way of the roots, and when they reach your center, you find your individuality. In the next stage, consciousness moves upwards, or better to say outwards.

Your individuality starts to show itself on the surface. You start to become yourself in the outer world, too. The seed sprouts, and starts its way of becoming a big tree. The first stage is about becoming yourself, while the second is about expressing yourself. This is the song that you have to sing, and this is the dance that you have to dance.

But remember one essential thing: the deeper you reach, the higher you can grow. Life is always in balance. If you try to raise a tree without roots, the whole thing can fall in any minute. It is like nurturing your ego, and finding the source of creativity in the mind. The outcome is bound to be average, unnatural and short-lived.

When you follow your intuition, your destiny slowly starts to immerse in front of your eyes. You will know in every second what to do, because you will always see the next step. Every big trip starts with the first step, and the whole journey is the sum of the steps. Even to the furthest distance, you can proceed only step-by-step.

You do not have to see the whole path, you only need to know where to take your next step. Following your intuition is just like going into a dark forest alone and taking only a small lamp with you. But this small light is totally enough for the whole journey.

You will be both thrilled and amazed on the way. In fact, your destiny is more compelling, mystical and adventurous than the best novel or movie you can imagine. But most people are not brave enough to go alone into the dark forest.

Instead, they settle for boring but secure lives, and they do not fulfill their destinies. That is why they need movies and novels. At least in their imagination they can experience the emotions that come with an adventurous life. These emotions supply them with the substitutes of a real, meaningful life.

Your destiny is just like a puzzle game. You have to put the pieces together to get the full picture, the full story. To find the pieces of the puzzle, you have to be aware and trust your feelings. You need an attitude of a treasure hunter to find the inner treasure. There are several hidden signs in your life, you only have to notice and follow them.

These signs often emerge in mystical ways, following the rule of synchronicity. Sometimes you meet them in your dreams, sometimes in your imagination, and sometimes in the physical world. You can be sure that you are on the right path, if you feel tremendous curiosity, drive and enthusiasm. What are the signs that took you where you are today? And what are the signs that guide you forward?

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Memento Mori!

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