Don’t fight with your body, with your nature, with your instinct at all. Whatever your body says, do it immediately, without any thinking, without any waiting. But at the same time, remain very conscious of yourself. Let the body do its thing, it works perfectly without your interference. When it is hungry, let it eat. When it is thirsty, let it drink. When it feels tired, let it sleep. When it feels lust, let it have sex.

When your body is in action, you are simply there watching its every movement. You don’t control, you don’t interfere, you don’t judge and you don’t even comment. You are simply watching. You are aware of the body and you are aware of yourself. You will soon recognize this way, that you are not your body, and you are not even bound by it. By giving total freedom to your body, you free yourself, too.

So far, you tried to imprison your body with your mind. But when a prisoner is kept in one place, the guard also has to be in the same place constantly, otherwise the prisoner escapes. When somebody is kept under tight control, not only the prisoner loses his freedom, but the guard, as well. They are kept in one place together, forced to be strongly connected, almost chained together.

The same thing happens when you use your consciousness to control your body. So, when you free your body from this bondage, you free your own consciousness at the same time. You allow them to separate, and you realize that they are not the same. You lose your attachments to your body, and you go beyond it.

Your body will almost have a separate life from you, if you really let it live. All your actions will become automatic and correct. But this time, it is consciously automatic. You won’t have to worry about your body anymore, it will simply do its tasks. Your task is simply to let go.

When you eat, don’t plan what you are going to eat, your body will know perfectly what it needs. Don’t say things in yourself like how delicious, or how bad something tastes. Simply sense the flavors without any comments, because that is the only way to really feel them.

When you don’t control your body at all, you can finally pay attention to your consciousness, your attention turns inwards to itself. The only way of elevating your consciousness above your body is to forget about the body completely. But this is only possible when the body is in perfect balance. How can you really meditate when you are hungry, thirsty or when you have to go to the toilet?

For meditation to happen easily, everything inside and outside has to be on an optimal level, in balance. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. You shouldn’t be too tired or too fresh. Your stomach shouldn’t be too full or too empty. Only by completely satisfying your body’s needs can your consciousness rise above it. If you aim to reach the highest level of being fulfilled, you have to start fulfilling yourself at the lowest level. If not, it will keep disturbing your ascension.

When you feel hungry, you “have” a stomach. I mean you think about your stomach, you imagine it, you feel it. Pain is a signal your body is sending to your brain saying: “Hey, there is a problem, deal with me!” This is a simple and automatic survival mechanism. Until you don’t deal with it, the pain will become more and more severe. When you finally decide to eat something, and satisfy your hunger, you will also forget about your stomach. It won’t steal your attention anymore, it won’t appear in your consciousness any longer.

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Memento Mori!

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