The spiritual path is about killing your ego, but there are two huge difficulties with it. The first is that you cannot kill the ego because the desire to kill the ego also comes from the ego. All desires come from the ego, desiring itself is its fuel. The good news is that the ego is not a fixed phenomenon, but a process.

The ideas about yourself are changing all the time. The old idea dies, and a new idea takes its place. So the process of the ego is also continuously dying. You are keeping it alive in your mind. The trick is to just let it die, just let go of it.

The second difficulty is that the last thing the ego wants is to die. Even if it is suffers, it wants to survive. The ego wants to live forever, no matter what. When you become one with everything, you also become one with nothing. When the ego dies, you become nobody, and inside you will be infinite nothingness.

The main desire of the ego is exactly the opposite: to be somebody, to be special, to be separate. So the ego is afraid of this process, and many times it turns back just before the breakthrough would happen.

When finally the death of the ego is experienced, it feels like an awakening from a dream. In this sense, awakening is also a death, the death of a false reality. Awakening, orgasm, meditation, deep sleep and even physical death have one common factor: in all of them you experience a temporary or permanent death of the ego.

The process of the ego stops for seconds in everyone, but most people do not even realize it. In some people, the change goes deeper, or they are simply more aware of it. This rare moment is called satori, or sudden enlightenment. This is a temporary enlightenment because although the ego stops, it also returns. But even if you never experience it again, you will never be the same again.

Other people’s consciousness tends to fluctuate between the states of the ego and that of pure consciousness. The task in this stage is to maximize the time spent without the ego. The seed of enlightenment has to be protected and nurtured to let it become a tree with deep roots and a thick trunk. The goal is to reach the stage of permanent enlightenment when the ego dies totally and disappears forever.

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