All of your life you were living inside your body, you got used to it, you got attached to it. But when you die, your body will separate from you automatically. You will leave behind your bank account, your house, your car, your clothes, your family, your friends, and the whole material world. But your body is material, too.

You will eventually have to give it back to the earth, water, fire, air and space because it belongs to them. You only received it as a gift, but it was never truly yours. Be grateful that you could use it, and it helped you experience the physical world.

Identifying yourself with something that you know will definitely die is stupid. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to appreciate it until it is there. Do you destroy a rose just because you know it is going to die? No, you value it even more, appreciate its beauty and enjoy its fragrance. In fact, your love will make the rose even more beautiful, more alive.

In several studies, scientists found that the positive energy of love made plants grow whereas the negative energy of anger caused plants to stunt their growth or even wither away. Even without saying words, the intention itself caused positive changes and made life flourish more. If your attitude can influence a plant outside of you so much, what do you think it can do to your own body?

Yet, most people appreciate a rose, but not their bodies. A rose has a relatively simple structure, but your body is the biggest wonder in nature. And I want you to appreciate it according to this. The human body is the most complex, most beautiful and most amazing mechanism in the world. Even if you think it is fat, ugly or deformed.

Don’t worry, this is not another course on positive body-image. The question is not whether you accept your body or not. The question is whether you identify yourself with your body or not. If not, the question of acceptance won’t even arise, because it simply won’t be important anymore. Body-image is part of self-image, which is just another word for ego. The goal is to destroy the whole image step-by-step, and not to fabricate a positive one.

Simply love your body, and it will become more beautiful. When you love something, you also take care of it easily and effortlessly. When you love your baby, you go out of your way to satisfy its needs. When you love your car, you clean it regularly and drive it carefully. Well, your own body is even more important than your baby or your car. It is the source, it is the base of everything you do in this physical life. And it has an immense effect on your energy, emotions, thoughts and even on your spirit.

Chinese used to heal themselves just by speaking to their own bodies positively and smiling at their diseased organs. You too can ask questions from your body, and it will tell you exactly what it needs and why it hurts. Your body is very wise, but you lost contact with its ancient wisdom. It is ancient indeed, it contains the wisdom of billions of years, going back to the first single cell in evolution.

Compared to your whole body, the brain and the mind are very young, because they developed in the era of humanity. But you inherited your body from millions of life forms, and your instinct has billions of years of experience.

Accept your body, treat it with care and love, and it will be very grateful to you. You should also be grateful to it because it is serving you diligently all of your life, even when you sleep. Express your love and gratitude in words, thoughts and intentions. Be more conscious towards your body, be more aware of it in everyday life.

Be more natural in general. Do you know any animals with body-image issues? They are perfectly satisfied with their bodies, and they never go against their instincts. Well, wild animals never do, only those which had a human influence, which were conditioned. Nature cannot be unnatural, only humans are capable of this. This tendency always comes from the conditioned mind, whether we speak about animals or humans.

Conditioning always creates an inner division. When you question your instinct, you become divided and confused inside. You ask yourself whether an action is good or bad, and you try to calculate the outcome in advance. For now, just rely totally on the wisdom of the body, and don’t worry yet about thinking or intuition. This week, listen fully to your instincts and be complete in your actions.

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Memento Mori!

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