Seeing is our most important sense because as humans we use this most of the time. We interact with the world mostly through the channel of sight, and even when we think, fantasize or dream we see things. Even the word imagination comes from the word image. The subconscious mind also speaks to us mostly through images. Exactly that is why complete darkness has such a big impact on our consciousness. When our eyes don’t get any input, our whole world changes.

When you close your eyes, you automatically become sleepy and fall back into a half-awake, half-asleep state that usually precedes sleeping. However, you can pay more attention to yourself with your eyes closed, because you are not bothered by the world around you. With your eyes completely closed, your mind starts to dream or daydream. With your eyes open, it starts to wander around the objects of the world. Either way, it is very easy to lose your self-awareness.

That is why in zen meditation they only partly open their eyes to stay between these two states. They partly close their eyes not to be bothered by the world, but they also partly open it not to fall asleep. This middle state of being relaxed but awake is the goal also in Immortology, but there is a more optimal way to accomplish it.

You either have to be in a completely dark space or use a mask to put in front of your eyes. You fully open your eyes, so you can stay awake, not become sleepy, and not start dreaming or sleeping. But at the same time, you are in complete darkness, so there is nothing that could take away your attention from yourself.

It is also important not to move the eyes. Every time you think, you move the eyes, because they are subconsciously connected. If you fix your eyes on a point, the stream of thoughts will also stop. However, in the darkness, there is no point to focus on, so you just have to fix the eyes in one direction and relax them. Try to see the whole darkness at once without moving the eyes.

Forget about your fear and know that it is just a subconscious reaction coming from millions of years ago. Being comfortable in darkness is essential for meditation. Meditation requires complete relaxation, and only in total darkness can you completely relax. This is why it is much harder to sleep when the lights are on.

Look through your body as if it was just empty space. In fact, it really is, but its shapes and borders create the illusion that it is something. Even when you close your eyes, don’t imagine your body, don’t see it in your mind! You are so accustomed to its shape that when you don’t see it with your real eyes, it still appears when you close them. This is what keeps the fantasy alive.

So, when you close your eyes in the blackness, forget about your body completely! Just know that there is only blackness and nothing else. And you are in the middle of this blackness, but not as a body, but as pure consciousness. You are an infinitely small point in an infinitely large space. Or, you may experience that you are the infinite blackness itself.

To practice the darkness meditation, all your primitive fears must be eradicated first. In the beginning, just practice in your room where you feel safe. Even in a secure environment, the fear of darkness will arise. When you hear strange noises, your fantasy will start working, and you will imagine this and that. The ultimate test is when you go into a cave alone and spend some time in pitch black.

To overcome the fear, have a loving attitude towards darkness. Become friends with blackness, embrace the darkness. By and by you will understand its relaxing nature and learn to love its soothing quality. Let the darkness envelope you, surrender yourself totally. Enter the darkness just like you enter the womb, just like you enter death.

When you can totally enter darkness, darkness enters you, as well. Just lie down as if you were dead, stare into the darkness and relax. Soon, all boundaries will disappear, and you melt away. It is not only that you are in darkness, but darkness is in you, too. The separation between the inner and the outer fade away. When this happens, the difference between life and death also disappears. Darkness is the source of the universe, so when you enter it, you return to your own source.

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Memento Mori!

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