After the dance, you can slow down a little, and simply walk. Choose a spot preferably in nature, where nobody sees you, and start walking round and round slowly. You have to observe every step very carefully. Continue to watch your body, be conscious about every small change you feel on your skin. Walk as you would normally do, simply bring more awareness to it. You will find that it is easier to walk unconsciously than consciously, and you may even lose your balance.

Observe the moment when your feet touches the ground, when it pushes into the ground, and even when it leaves it. Feel the material, the softness and the temperature of the ground. Be aware that you are the one who is walking. Be aware of yourself every moment during the walk. Observe the small gap between the intention of moving the feet and the movement itself. Later on, start walking a bit faster, but keep the awareness the same way like before.

When you walk, just walk. Don’t think about anything, not even walking. You will find that if you can focus totally on the physical sensations, no thoughts will appear. If they do, simply guide your attention back to the feeling that walking causes in your body. After focusing on your legs, observe the other parts of the body, too. Focus on your internal feelings, try to define what exactly each part of your body feels like during the walk. Practice the walking meditation at least 20 minutes each day this week.

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