There are two parts of this practice, and they are deeply interconnected. This first part will let you sense your own energy, even if you have never done this before. Anybody can do it because everybody has this energy, and everyone can be made sensitive enough to feel it.

As you are sitting in your chair, take a deep breath and just relax. Now, raise your hands and make a clap. Then, start rubbing your palms to each other for 30 seconds. After you stopped rubbing, keep your hands close together with your palms facing each other, and with your fingers straight.

Now, start to slowly increase the distance between your palms by moving them away from each other. First, make the distance just 1cm, and start to slowly go up to 2, 3, and even more. You will feel warmth, maybe even tingling, and a kind of magnetic connection between them. Increase the distance until you can still feel the energy in your palms. If you lose the sensation of energy, go back a little, and focus more on the feeling.

It is fine to imagine the energy until you start to feel something. It usually works well, if you imagine a ball of energy between your hands, and try to make it bigger and bigger. Sometimes you will experience that you cannot close your hands because the energy ball has so much force that it keeps your hands in the air without using any of your muscles.

If you successfully went through the energy ball exercise a couple of times, move on to the second part of the practice. It is best to try this at night or in a room with almost total darkness. The lighting is optimal when you can hardly see your hands, but you can still take out its contours. Now, clap your hands, and rub your palms for 30 seconds.

Afterwards, start to increase the distance again, but this time only between your left and right index fingers. When you are looking at your fingers, the background area has to be monochrome, so it is best to do this exercise facing a wall.

Now, slowly move your two fingers away from each other to 1cm, and stop. Move your fingers up and down slowly while keeping them in close distance. You can increase the distance a little more to experiment. The most important aspect to be able to see your aura between your fingers is the way you look at it.

Instead of focusing, relax your eyes. The aura can be seen in your peripheral vision. Don’t look at your fingers, look at the space between them. And don’t look directly at this area, look 1 or 2 meters behind your fingers.

If you practice enough, you will be able to see your own aura very soon. It looks like a thin white line surrounding your fingers and your whole body. And when you move your fingers up and down, it will look like a small electric current whirling between your fingers. You should practice sensing the energy every day this week.

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