Caring what other people think of you is one of the biggest barriers to finding who you really are and discovering your true potential. I used to be plagued by this disease myself in the past, but I learnt to overcome it by a few simple strategies. If you also want to set your mind free from the unconscious compulsion to fit in, this episode is for you.

We are social animals living in complex relationships with each other. The need for acceptance, approval and love are fundamental human needs we all share. We want to be liked, appreciated and trusted by others, because these are the basis for cooperation, and this, especially when we were still hunting in tribes, meant survival. We would hunt and gather in groups, and share the food and shelter.

If a member got ostracized for one reason or another, it was equal to a death sentence. This ancient need for being part of a group is still there in the collective unconscious. Being isolated is not so lethal anymore, but it still reduces the chances of survival. Modern human society and economy are also based on communication and cooperation. Friends still help each other in time of need or danger.

So one reason why you care what others think about you, is that it’s connected to your survival. You are always searching for signs of approval, and you’re constantly worried to be seen in a bad light. On the back of your mind, you fear that if everybody turns away from you, you won’t make it on your own. But this is just an unconscious fear, and once you make it conscious, you’ll realize how irrational it is.

So what if nobody likes you? Will you die? Will you be hurt in any way? No, because only your ego can be hurt, and that’s exactly what you feel when you meet some kind of criticism. So if the underlying problem is this unconscious need for bonding with others, what’s the best way to deal with this situation in your head? Here’s one quick hack that can work wonders: Remind yourself that the other person will eventually die.

This may seem morbid at first, but it’s the truth anyways. And when you remind yourself of this fact, you take the bonding factor out of the way. This works, because you unconsciously realize that it doesn’t really matter what this person thinks of you, whether he likes or dislikes you. You can’t rely on him for your survival, because even his own survival is not guaranteed.

By practicing this mindset, you start to learn to rely on yourself, and develop a higher self-esteem in the process. Of course I’m not saying that you should break your relationships with your loved ones just because they will someday die. But if you worry too much even about what perfect strangers might think of you, this is a very good technique to try.

No matter how much you want, you can’t make everybody like you. If you attempt this however, you’ll become a slave of other people’s opinions. You’ll become a people-pleaser, and you’ll lose your authentic self amongst the fake masks. You will do things you don’t really want to do. You will say things you don’t really want to say. You will become who you don’t really want to be. And in the end, you will no longer know what you want to do, to say or to be.

Your life is none of their business. But their thoughts is none of your business, either. Who are you to try to control their opinion, even if it’s about you? Even if they genuinely want good for you, what’s good for them, may not be good for you. Even if they are your parents, who gave you life, you don’t owe your life to them.

The problem is not that people are thinking of you, the problem is that you’re thinking too much about other people. Be a little self-centered, focus on your own things, deal with your own life, form your own values, follow your own dreams, express your own needs and stand on your own feet. Even if less people will like you, they will like you for who you really are.

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Memento Mori!

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