The essence of the next exercise is to make you more conscious of your thinking. Notice every time, how the mind is labeling things or people. How it is trying to prepare for the future, by imagining certain possible events and finding the best possible answers by trying out different scenarios. How it is trying to solve problems by imagining various solutions and creating a story in your mind.

Don’t judge the mind! The main point of the exercise is exactly to avoid judging. When you judge the mind, you judge it with the mind itself. There is nothing else in your being that can make judgments. Instead of creating a vicious circle, break it with the power of acceptance.

You can see that the mind is only trying to help you, it works for your own good. But it has overpowered you, it became too important in your life, and now you think that only the mind exists, and you couldn’t live without it. It became an over-caring mother, who made her child too dependent and unable to live on its own. Perhaps you don’t even realize that there is “someone” behind your thoughts.

By simply watching the mind in action without any judgments, labels, and comments, you may glimpse behind it. You can only rise beyond something that you understand. By understanding and experiencing the nature of the mind, you may discover your real self. You can finally meet the inner child that you already forgot about. You can finally realize that you are not your thoughts. Thoughts simply appear and disappear in your consciousness, but they don’t belong to you.

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Memento Mori!

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