Whether you are driven forward by external or internal motivation, normally you are using your conscious intention to reach your goals. This means that you need a focused attention and a strong willpower to stay on the path.

But what if I told you there is a better way to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams? If you want to manifest on a higher level, you have to use inspiration instead of the power of intention. What is the difference between the two?

With intention, you set your goals, but with inspiration, you find them.

With intention, you fight for your goals, but with inspiration, you flow towards them.

Intention comes from your willpower, but inspiration comes from God’s will and power.

Intention needs focused attention, but inspiration needs relaxed meditation.

With intention, your aim is survival, but with inspiration, your aim is something much higher.

Intention comes from what you lack, but inspiration comes from what you have.

You learned how to use intention, but you were born to be inspired.

The source of intention is the mind, but the source of inspiration is the soul.

Intention makes you efficient, but inspiration makes you spirited.

With intention you are on your own, but with inspiration you are with the whole universe.

With intention you create something for yourself, but with inspiration you find your real self.

Intention is based on what should be, but inspiration is based on what could be.

Intention is supported by hope, but inspiration is supported by trust.

Intention drives you to what you are ought to do, but inspiration shows you what you were meant to do.

All intentions are limitations, only inspiration makes you limitless.

Intention means struggle, but inspiration is total surrender.

With intention, you reduce everything and everyone as a servant to your goal. But with inspiration, you become the servant.

With intention you ask from God, but with inspiration you serve God.

Wrong intentions can come only from the ego, but true intentions always come from inspiration.

With intention, you make things happen, but with inspiration, you allow things to happen.

With intention, you are choosing, but with inspiration, you are chosen.

Intention is based on who you think you are, but inspiration is based on who you really are.

Intention comes from what you already know, only inspiration can uncover the unknown.

With intention, you can expect results, but with inspiration, you can expect miracles.

Intention puts you behind the driving wheel, but with inspiration, you are driven.

With intention you want control, but with inspiration you allow yourself to be controlled.

Intention is something you do, but with inspiration something is done to you.

With intention, you get hold of an idea, but with inspiration, an idea gets hold of you.

Intention comes from you, but inspiration comes from beyond you.

With intention, you are in tension. But in spirit, you are inspired.

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