The second obstacle to meditation is the fear of death. Even though we spent an entire module on this topic, it is worth to repeat it here. Especially if deep down you are still afraid of death, because meditation is also a kind of death. It is a death for your mind, for your ego, for your personality.

In meditation, you will get detached from the body, from the feelings and from the thoughts, just like during death. In meditation, the whole past dies, but it has been dead all along anyway. In meditation, the whole future dies, you don’t even get a last wish. There is no wish, no desire and no hope.

When your meditation deepens, you may find yourself at the edge of a bottomless abyss. Perhaps you won’t visually see it, but you will definitely feel it. You know that if you go any further, you will fall into it, and you will never come back as the same entity. You may get completely annihilated, but at the minimum you will be completely changed.

This is the gateway to infinity, to nothingness, to spiritual death. Many people get scared at this point, and turn back never to return. They give up just before the breakthrough. Don’t be the one to commit this mistake! Have courage, confidence and curiosity, because on the other side you will be reborn.

90% of the spiritual teachers tell you to meditate. You hear about meditation everywhere you go. They say that without meditation, there is no enlightenment. They teach you methods to enter the now, the present moment, to be mindful. Still, very few people manage to actually meditate, most of them just pretend. Entering into meditation directly seems not to work so well.

Then, there is anothor group of teachers, roughly 9%, who teach you to enter through love. They say that there is nothing more important than love. They say that God is love, so if you become love, you become God. They teach forgiveness, compassion and devotion. The problem is that too many people also just pretend love, only practice compassion, but don’t feel it in their hearts. Yet it seems that this gate to enlightenment works for more people than meditation.

Finally, the remaining 1% of spiritual teachers teach you to enter enlightenment through death. Now, this seems very scary and morbid, and the idea is naturally not very popular. They say that being aware of death not only gives you tremendous motivation to wake up, but that it also helps all along the journey. The possibility of pretending is also high here, because of the many misled beliefs and lack of courage. But the truth is that many of the spiritual teachers themselves attained enlightenment through death awareness.

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Memento Mori!

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