The only possibility to use all your senses at once is through eating. Prepare a delicious meal and put on some nice music. Sit down alone at a time and place where nobody disturbs you.

Close your eyes, and listen to the music carefully. Try to separate each tone, each instrument and each melody. Then, hear the music again as one, and slowly open your eyes. Look at the food carefully, see every detail, and see the whole picture, too. But don’t forget about listening to the music in the meantime. At this stage, you are already using two senses at once.

Don’t start eating until you can both listen and see. Then, grab your fork slowly and graciously. Concentrate on the moment when your hand touches the fork, feel the feeling in your fingers. Simultaneously, pay attention to the other parts of your body that are touching the chair and the floor.

Perceive all the points where you feel the sense of touch. Now, take a small piece of food on your fork, and smell it. Let the smell penetrate you without losing focus from the skin, ears and eyes. You are already using four senses simultaneously.

The last part of the exercise is to actually put the food in your mouth, and feel its taste. Try to determine whether it is sweet, sour, salty, spicy, picant or bitter. Swallow it slowly, and feel as it travels down in your body and reaches your stomach. But don’t forget about your other senses in the meantime.

You are eating not only with your mouth but with your nose, eyes, ears and skin, as well. Finish the meal like this, even if it takes two or three times more than normally. Even a simple act like eating can become a very effective meditation, an easy way to dis-identify yourself from the body, and successfully complete the first step on the way to enlightenment.

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Memento Mori!

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