Today I’d like to share with you one of my very first spiritual experience, my first and last trip on lsa. Lsa is a very powerful psychedelic substance contained in Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. Chemically, it’s almost identical to LSD, and its effects are very similar too. It can be regarded as a natural form of acid, and can be legally bought in most countries, although not for the purpose of ingestion. In fact, Albert Hoffman, the scientist who synthesized LSD in a lab for the first time, received some seeds from South America, analyzed it, and even tried it himself.

Lsa is not for the faint-hearted, and extreme preparation is needed regarding both your internal state of mind and working with the seeds themselves. I don’t recommend this psychedelic to anyone, but if you do decide to take it, be very rigorous in your research. Always take it in the company of a trip-sitter, because even for the experienced psychonauts it can cause surprises.

As it’s a mild form of poison, it will cause stomach ache, abdominal cramps and nausea. This can be largely evaded through correct preparation, and also vomiting can help. Its other negative side effect could be a restriction in breathing, especially at higher dosages. This, and its general overwhelming effects may cause extreme feelings of fear, anxiety and panic attacks.

The key, like with any other powerful psychedelic, is to surrender to the experience completely. Just lie down, take deep breaths, calm your mind, and know that the effects will pass in a couple of hours, and you’ll feel normal again. Bad trips are most often caused by resistance, so just sit with the nausea, because you’ll surely overcome it in about 2 hours.

Like I said, I experienced lsa very early on my spiritual journey, and looking back, I don’t regret it, although I wouldn’t try it again. I was with my best friend in a safe environment, and we each took 13 seeds, which is regarded as a high dosage. Sure enough, the stomach ache kicked in in about an hour, but we tried to refrain from vomiting so that we wouldn’t lose any of the effects of the drug.

Soon after that, the second, much more pleasant phase of the trip started for both of us. First it was just some tingling feeling here and there in the body, which soon turned into an extreme vibration of energy. It was as if I stepped out of my physical body and directly into the energy body, because I couldn’t feel its borders any more. Every fiber of my body was vibrating with energy so hard that I couldn’t even move. I could raise my arms, and they just stayed there, because the energy was keeping them there.

It was like something powerful was pushing my body together, but also trying to rip it apart at the same time. This was coupled by constantly returning waves of euphoria, and I kept bursting out in laughs for like an hour. This heavy energetic feeling subsided but never disappeared, but at least I could pay attention to the other aspects of the experience.

We watched two movies, and then we started listening to electronic music. I can surely say that I had never seen colors and never heard music like that before. As the pupils delate, and your brain starts functioning on a faster level, you’ll be able to notice the individual images in what your brain normally perceives as a motion picture. Some lights that you ordinarily sense as continuous, you’ll now see as flickering, because your brain processes the signals much faster under the influence of the Hawaiian baby rosewood seeds.

My sensory perception changed in general in that everything was more detailed, more colorful, almost shining with light, but also fluid and dreamlike. Even if something was fixed, it was still moving, and we watched each others faces mesmerized as they melted away, like on a surrealist painting. It was especially fascinating to look at nature and notice how the trees and the grass were glowing with life.

Overall, the perception of space and time disappears. You can’t perceive distance, because everything is constantly flowing into everything else. You are thrown in the timeless now, and every moment feels like an eternity. You also hear sounds more clearly, but you’re not able to tell where they’re coming from. The sounds are echoing inside your head, as if someone was whispering into your ears with a loudspeaker.

About 5 hours into the trip, my friend and I lied down on the floor, because we were unable to move. I started to see the room with closed eyes, the borders of the walls were shining brightly in my mind, and I sensed the whole skeleton of the building as lines of energy. I also sank more and more into the Earth and became one with its energy field.

The height of the trip started afterwards. That’s when I began to hear music even though there was complete silence. I began to see things although my eyes were closed. I began to understand things although I was highly drugged. I began my seemingly never-ending journey to infinity inside a colorful, kaleidoscopic tunnel of fractals, and saw my light body flying through it from a first-person view. This phase was perhaps the most intense, and lasted for one or two hours.

When it was over, I opened my eyes and started slowly coming down from the substance. I felt that I had the experience of my life and that I got a glimpse into the true nature of reality. I understood how the mind normally filters out certain aspects of reality, and that there’s so much more beyond it. I received a new spiritual perspective that opened my eyes, and have kept them open ever since.

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Memento Mori!

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