One theory of NDEs states that by stimulating the temporal lobe area of the brain, some elements common in near-death experiences can be reproduced. The theory is based on the case of some people suffering in epilepsy associated with the damage of the temporal lobe. Elements include out-of-body experiences, flashing of life memories and the sense of the presence of another being. Researchers have found that by electrically stimulating the temporal lobe they can mimic some of these phenomena.

The main researcher in this field is called Michael Persinger, who invented the famous God helmet, and created experiments. Reports by participants of a “sensed presence” brought public attention and resulted in several TV documentaries. The device, placed on the head of the subject, generates weak fluctuating magnetic fields in the temporal lobe area. Subjects have reported mystical experiences after these sessions, of which the most common was a sense of a presence, often similar to a being of light in NDEs.

I was one of the few people who ordered the commercially available version of the God helmet. When it arrived, I closed myself in my room and put the octopus-like device on my head, anxiously waiting to meet God or to step out of my body.

Well, the meeting did not happen, and I didn’t feel anything spiritual in other sessions, either. I donated the device for further experiments to the para-psychological laboratory of the spiritual academy I was attending at the time. Since then, I’ve found more reliable methods to have out-of-body and near-death like experiences.

I created two separate guided meditations to achieve these effects under hypnosis. On one hand, if you want to have a real out-of-body experience, I offer you the Beyond Body meditation. On the other hand, if you’re more attracted to a near-death like experience, you should listen to the Defeat Death meditation.

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Memento Mori!

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