It all started with a thought: Where am I? One night before falling asleep, I just asked myself this simple question. My mind knew that I was on my bed, in my room, in my apartment, in my city, in my country and on the Earth. But the Earth is orbiting around the Sun in mostly empty space.

I felt that I was in the middle of nowhere. That in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter where I am because the physical space is so infinite, so unimaginably vast, that I am just a tiny particle of dust in it.

In this very moment, my thinking stopped, and I arrived in the here and now. It was very frightening. It felt like I was losing something, losing myself. Or rather, losing the idea of myself. And it was true, but I didn’t know this back then.

I didn’t let it fully happen, and the experience didn’t last very long, maybe only a couple of seconds. However, this strange thing repeated many times between the age of 10 and 25. This was the seed of consciousness that started to grow inside me, but it had to wait many years before I really let it bloom.

I was always a really ambitious and serious kid and liked to be alone a lot. My father had a collection of history books, and I read hundreds of them. I wished to be another great figure in history, and I was ready to do what it takes. I wanted to learn how to be successful. After history books, I turned to psychology. After psychology, I turned to business and marketing. I spent countless hours in libraries and created a nice collection myself.

I studied economics at university for 5 years, and when I graduated, I was looking forward to finally use my knowledge to reach my ambitions. To become somebody. And then one day, I simply watched a movie that changed everything. Everything I knew about economics and money, everything I wanted to do in life, and everything I wanted to be.

The movie was called Zeitgeist Addendum, and it explains in everyday language how the monetary system works. Even after 5 years in economics, this was new for me because it put everything in its context in a simple and understandable way. I realized I didn’t want to spend my life collecting something that is not even real. The money game suddenly seemed impossible to play, because I realized that in the end the bank always wins anyway.

More importantly, all my dreams, all my ambitions flew away. I realized they were fake because they were the ambitions of my father. I was really living his life, and he guided me all along the way. Certainly, he wanted good for me because all parents want good for their children.

But they only know their own life, so they try to make their children repeat it, but without the mistakes. But this never works. Even if the child becomes successful, he won’t be really happy because in his heart he will know that this is not what he really wanted. Since then, I noticed that many people start their spiritual journeys by realizing that they’re also living someone else’s life.

I was devastated for three days. I didn’t know who I was, and I didn’t know what I wanted. My personality died, and I needed a restart in life. I needed to find myself, but this time my real self. For three days, I already didn’t have a personality, nor an individuality yet. But slowly, my new life started to appear in front of me.

I decided that I wanted to do so much more in life than just collect money and pay the bills. I wanted to be independent, to have my own business and to be free from all the systems of society. But most importantly, I wanted to create something that would last forever. That was the time when immortality started to play a role in my life.

With my present self I know, and I can assure you, that nothing lasts forever, except consciousness. The body certainly dies, the mind dies, the memories of heroes die, anything you create dies, and even the soul dies. But it took many years for me to realize this truth. The good news is that you are consciousness, and I am consciousness, too. We are the same immortal consciousness in our essence. Immortality is not a fairy tale, but the ultimate truth of life.

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Memento Mori!

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