I want to thank my beautiful Master for who she is, and for sharing with me her being and helping me realize truth. Her main teaching is that we all inherit negative emotional patterns from our parents that define our lives and prevent us from enlightenment. The main task is not to search for the causes of these emotions, just notice this pattern and let it go. Her message and her energy are so powerful that I became enlightened after only four days with her.

It happened suddenly without any warning signs. I spent the previous day trying to figure out what my pattern was, and I realized that it was connected to self-esteem. Both of my parents had issues with this, and I felt I was searching for acknowledgment all my life from others. But that day I realized that I only needed to acknowledge myself, and that would be completely enough. I felt content like never before. I stayed awake all night watching the poster of Buddha on my wall.

The magic happened the next day. I was sitting in a conference room, listening to a presentation about the effects of psychotic substances on consciousness. I was utterly tired and sleepy because I didn’t sleep anything the night before. My mind stopped for minutes, my thinking had huge gaps, and I was totally relaxed. And then suddenly I zoomed into reality.

The effect was similar to the lens of a camera zooming in rapidly, but the camera itself moving further away at the same time. This cinematographic technique is called dolly zoom, and Hitchcock used it extensively in his movies. The same experience happened to me a few weeks before, when I became conscious in my dream, and I started lucid dreaming. But this time, it happened when I was awake. Or at least I thought I was. But this was the real awakening.

I realized in a split second that I created this presentation and even the presenter in my own mind to teach something to myself. I created all of my teachers and all of my Masters to help me and guide me on my path. Suddenly, the whole world felt very unreal, but my existence, the sense of „I” felt very real. I knew that the world was inside me, and everything was happening only in my head.

This whole theater that we call life is a personal movie that we’re watching in our head and creating it at the same time. It’s no more real than a dream. I had to laugh because this is the biggest joke in life. My world was destroyed, but I was reborn. Only I exist, the world is an illusion.

This is how I became enlightened on the 11th of March in 2011. Just like a tsunami swept away Japan on the same day, a tsunami inside me swept away everything I had thought about myself and the world around me. I realized who I was and that my task was to create a mystery school to guide other people to self-realization, as well. As I wanted to concentrate on the subject of death and deathlessness, I named it Immortology, the study of immortality.

The next day, I attended the International Tattoo Convention in Budapest. I don’t know who designed the poster for this event, but I knew that it was totally meant for me. The poster featured the Heroes Square, one of the main attractions of my city. The central statue of the square, my all-time favorite, depicts Archangel Gabriel. He is the messenger angel, the angel of birth and the guardian angel of Hungary.

On the poster, the pillar of the statue grows out of a huge underground skull, and two bright beams of magical blue smoke twist upwards, starting from the eyes of the skull, all the way to the angel’s wings. On this day, Gabriel was born by conquering death and reaching up to the sky on his wings to immortality.

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Memento Mori!

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