They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, if not more. Just like this, one glimpse into reality is worth more than a thousand thoughts about reality. There’s a huge difference between knowing something and thinking about something. Knowing and thinking exclude each other, they cannot exist at the same time.

Philosophers think that by thinking more and more about something, they are slowly getting to know it better, but the truth is, they are only getting further and further away from it. They act like a shy romantic boy, who doesn’t dare to speak to the girl he admires. Instead, he fantasizes about the girl, thinks about her constantly, and imagines how she can be like.

After some time, the boy feels as if he knew the girl, but this is just his private illusion. He’s too scared to make the jump, to talk to the girl, to ask her out, and to actually get to know her. A spiritual person acts just the opposite way: he is the cool guy in the class who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He makes the jump immediately without thinking, he’s guided by his instincts and intuition, and not restricted by limiting thoughts. He’s the one who will actually get to know the girl, while the philosopher will always remain a distant admirer at most.

Thinking about something is a clear sign that you don’t really know the thing yet. While a philosopher wants to collect knowledge like dusty old books, just to put them on the shelf, and declare himself clever, a spiritual seeker strives to get in direct contact with reality. He throws out all his books, all his belief systems and ideologies put into his mind by others, and seeks for answers himself with great dedication and courage. He’s not doing it to become more clever and knowledgeable, but to find out the truth of reality.

So be very careful not to fall into the trap of spiritual philosophies, because they only take you further away from the truth. Don’t believe in any ideology, but have an open mind to it, and try it out yourself. It’s no use reading about how good apple tastes and simply believing it, thinking about it or imagining it. You’ll never know the truth, and you’ll never enjoy the fruit, if you don’t take a bite yourself.

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