Remember to live, remember to die. Remember rebirth to find the light. Memento mori. This, in short, is the prayer we use in Immortology. But unlike in religions, this prayer doesn’t serve as a plea to a supernatural being, which doesn’t work anyway, as I explained in my episode titled “Does prayer really work?”. Instead, this prayer serves as an affirmation, as a concentration, as a reminder. Let me explain one-by-one what it reminds you of.

Remember to live reminds you to live fully and not just to survive. It reminds you that all you have is this life, so you shouldn’t waste it. It reminds you to live fully in the moment, and grab every opportunity to truly feel alive. How can you achieve this the best? By reminding yourself of your inevitable death, which leads us to the second part of the sentence.

Remember to die, in the physical sense, is not an appeal to end your life, but a warning that it will ultimately happen. You cannot know how and when, but that’s all the more reason to appreciate every moment you are alive. Remember to die, in the psychological sense, can be taken more literally. It’s a reminder that your ego causes all the suffering in life, and one important goal of Immortology is to kill your ego, to commit a sort of spiritual suicide, to die before you die to truly live.

The third part of the prayer in Immortology goes like this: remember rebirth. Again, unlike in religions, this rebirth doesn’t refer to reincarnation, but to a psychological rebirth in your physical body. After your ego dies, and the dark night of the soul slowly fades away, a new dawn of consciousness takes its place. A consciousness that’s fresh, innocent and newly reborn: your forgotten true self.

Why go through the often painful process of rebirth, why suffer all this spiritual trauma, why break down into an existential crisis? That’s what the last part tells us: to find the light. To end all rebirths, all traumas and all crises. To attain spiritual enlightenment, to achieve total clarity in life, to become immortal.

The final sentence of the prayer is simply: Memento mori. It’s a latin expression which translates as remember death. As this is the quintessence of my mystery school Immortology, we close the prayer by this re-affirmation. We also use it, along with the special hand gesture, to greet each other. For a more detailed explanation, please watch the episode titled “The meaning of memento mori”.

You can use the prayer of Immortology whenever you want to focus your mind on this spiritual path, to strenghten your dedication, to increase your commitment, and even when you feel you’ve fallen off the path and want to get back on track.

Although there’s no definite limit as to how many times a day you can recite it, I want to make it clear that it won’t work wonders on its own. You actually need to put in the work, contemplate on the theories and do the practices that I share with you. Like I said earlier, this prayer is not a wish-fulfilling well.

You can make it a ritual by praying every morning and/or every evening. To make this prayer even more powerful, I suggest you to create your very own altar. Again, this altar is nothing like the ones used elsewhere, you’ll be quite surprised to find out what it looks like. I shot a separate video showing you “How to set up an Immortologist altar”.

Remember to live, remember to die. Remember rebirth to find the light. Memento mori.

If you want to know more about death from a spiritual but down to earth perspective, you should read my book: The Power of Death. Click on the link below, and get it now! I’m deadly serious.

Memento Mori!

Questions and Comments (Strictly ON Topic!)

  1. Peter Bruce

    May 15, 2020 (02:42) Reply

    The physical human body on the basis of science, as with all matter has to disintegrate and come to an end, at the point of death. However, here is the thing, we are not our bodies, let alone not our egos, and certainly not our minds. Then, what are we? We are Spirits, or as science puts it Energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed as discovered by the science. Indeed, it can only be transformed. Now, we enter into the complex dance of Matter and Energy. This highlights the importance of Schools like Immortology. Spirit/Energy is birth-less and death-less. It is that part of us that survives the grave, as Pure Consciousness and it does not need a physical body to go on and on. Just like the Ego has to die for the true Self to emerge, so has the physical body for the transformation to occur.

    This is not in the sense of re-incarnation. Death awareness advances the idea of the transitional state of our being. This pattern is observable in nature. Where seasons come and go. We get re-birth to find the light. Once, we find the light, we determine our purpose/mission. This may go on and on especially when we have overcome the fear of physical death. Then, death becomes the beginning and not the end. The Energy Matter dance is very complex. All in all, I am following your perspective with keen interest and it is very enlightening.

    • Gabriel Dee
      Gabriel Dee

      May 20, 2020 (01:41) Reply

      Well said!

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