Learning has three levels. First, you learn from others’ experiences, secondly from your own, and finally others learn from you. The second one is the most essential, because if you skip this, you will be just a parrot preaching to others without real knowledge. In spite of appearances, actually you are teaching yourself in all three cases. When others tell you something, you are really saying it to yourself. And when you tell something to others, you are also telling it to yourself.

Until you are not your own Master, you need an outer Master, who at first sight is different from you, has a separate body and personality. What you don’t know yet is that you project this Master out to the world from your own being. Your Higher Self does this to guide you to the right path, to face you with the teachings you haven’t learned yet.

You not only create your outer Master in your mind, but everybody else, too. This way you can learn something from everybody and from every situation. If you trust your Master without any resistance, a point will come when you become one with him or her. All true Masters have the goal for you to realize that you are not different from them.

At this point you can physically separate, because the time of your independence has arrived. You become your own Master, you become grown up spiritually. This is when you realize that you created your Master for yourself. You entrust yourself to your Inner Master, Your Higher Self, your intuition. Now you know, that you create your thoughts, your feelings, your environment, including the people in your life. You are the creator.

However, a point may come when you get stuck once again. You will feel like there is nothing more to learn, you have no more questions. Until now, your energy kept flowing inside, and now it stops. But out of its nature, energy has to be in a constant flow, and if it cannot go inside anymore, it starts flowing outside. You will feel a great urge to share your experiences with others, otherwise you simply blow up.

Now is the time to teach others. But don’t forget that even then you will actually teach yourself. You attract your disciples to be able to continue teaching yourself. Now teaching them is the only possible way. By sharing it with others, your knowledge becomes clear and crystallized. The rugged diamond hidden inside you has surfaced. Now is the time to polish and refine it. Teaching is the last test of learning. This way your Higher Self can make sure that it gave you the truth.

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