Doctors agree that psychosomatic diseases originate from the mind, and many say that most diseases are psychosomatic. I believe that all physical states and problems are the results of thinking, even accidents. You create your own reality in your mind and with your mind. Another fact is that the mind and body are so much connected, that they can almost be considered one single entity. Psychosomatic literally means mental-physical, and your body is really a body-mind.

Illnesses have meaning the same way that dreams have meaning. Like symbols in your dreams, your illnesses are messages from the subconscious which can be interpreted and understood if you pay attention. However, your disease is not the problem itself, but merely a symptom or symbol of the real problem. The real problem is spiritual and results from self-defeating thoughts and attitudes.

Disease is always mental first and physical last. However, modern medicine seems to forget about this fact, and treats only the result instead of healing the cause. If you are at a stage where you already managed to make yourself sick physically, then physical treatment is necessary, but not enough.

Healing is possible on four different levels, and each kind is more effective and lasting than the other. The lowest level is the body, the next one is energy, then emotional and finally mental. Doctors may heal your body, but if nothing changes on the other levels, it will be a temporary fix at most.

If you just heal your body, sickness will still remain in your aura, and it will make you sick again very soon. If you also apply energy healing, your emotions may still remain negative, and will ultimately affect your aura again. If you can get rid of your emotional blocks, but continue to hold self-defeating thinking patterns in your mind, the bad feelings will return in no time.

Ultimate healing happens on the level of the mind because mental wellness is the basis of all kinds of health and wholeness. An illness is really the last resort of your subconscious to teach you a lesson. You have turned away from your own emotions and suppressed them. You denied from yourself that something was wrong, and tried to avoid your painful feelings. But when you feel physical pain, you really have to face your faulty beliefs and negative emotions. If not, you will get worse and worse.

Illness is a possibility to learn the lesson you have been avoiding so far. If you are aware of this and work toward dealing with those lessons, that work can raise you to a higher state of consciousness. You have to stop suppressing your feelings and disliked parts of yourself, and simply take a look at what is going on with you, without judgment.

Real healing occurs when you are ready and willing, to make some major changes in your life and thinking. The achievement of balance and harmony on one level automatically requires and affects balance and harmony in the others.

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