We will go through 3 basic methods of self-healing. First, you use your hands to touch the painful area, then you create a small distance between them, and finally you remove your hands altogether. Placing your palms where it hurts is a completely natural instinct. We are all hardwired to use our hands for healing, and we all heard stories of how some people performed miracles this way.

Making this unconscious reflex conscious, you can also master this healing touch. You have to add the conscious intention, vivid visualization and the power of affirmation to the equation. Say in yourself: I want to heal myself. Imagine vividly as the energy is entering from the top of your head, moving to your navel, and then flowing from your hand to the painful area. As soon as you feel something, affirm in yourself, that the healing is already happening.

You can also use this touch to energize yourself, balance your aura and prevent diseases. In this case, move your palms all through your body from top to bottom. Start with your stomach, by placing both of your palms gently on it, with your fingers open. Leave them there for a couple of minutes, then move up gradually towards your chest. Try not to leave gaps, cover all areas as you slowly move your palms. Finish at the top of your head, then take a deep breath and shake your hands.

The second method is very similar except that you leave a small gap of a couple of centimeters between your hands and your body. Practice feeling the warmth and the energy flowing through this gap. Close your eyes to feel the sensation better while making strong visualization and affirmation. When you feel ready, you can do the same movements as in the first method.

The third technique is the hardest and the easiest at the same time. Here, you stop using your hands altogether and influence the flow of energy with your mind alone. Your thoughts have an incredible power over your whole mind and body. Ultimately, it is your thoughts that make you sick and cause psychosomatic diseases. The same way, thoughts can heal you just as easily.

Energy behaves in a magical way because it follows your attention perfectly. This is because just like matter is nothing more than energy from a higher perspective, energy is nothing more than consciousness from an even higher perspective.

Your consciousness is the underlying force that moves this energy. Anytime your energy body gets out of balance, it means that there is some unconscious disturbance in your mind. On this level, you can re-balance the energy flow with your conscious attention.

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