In the last lesson, I showed you some techniques about how to become a witness, a perceiver, just a watcher on the hill. Your life becomes totally transformed as meditation detaches you from the contents of the mind. Meditation is tremendously helpful to achieve this witnessing state, but enlightenment cannot be achieved by meditation alone. This is a common myth that makes spiritual seekers meditate for decades hoping for a breakthrough, yet nothing happens.

On the one hand, common people make the mistake of living too much in the world and forgetting about themselves. There is perceived, but no perceiver. On the other hand, spiritual people make the mistake of denying the world, and living too much within themselves. There is perceiver, but no perceived. None of these approaches will bring you to oneness.

What is needed is a balance. It is not about denying the world, it is about transcending it. The spiritual path is an interplay of union and separation. First, you attached yourself to your ego, then you made it pure by unifying it with your shadow, and then you detached yourself from it. With this, you created a total separation between your real self and the world, and now you will create a total union between the two.

So, don’t confuse this pure witnessing state with pure consciousness! This is not oneness yet, because your consciousness still contains a basic duality. There is still a perceiver separate from the perceived, and the event that connects the two: perceiving. In this state, there is you and the world. In the ultimate one, you are the world.

Your task is to realize that the perceiver and the perceived are in fact one. To realize that what you sense you also manifest. What you perceive you also project. Only perceiving remains, but its nature is emptiness. First, you realized the illusion of the self, and now you realize the illusion of the world. There is no separate self, and there is no separate world. There is only you, and nothing else. You are the creator of the world, and you are its only inhabitant.

Meditation helps you accept that you don’t know who you are. It helps you become comfortable in the state of not-knowing. It helps you realize that you are nothing more than a perceiver. However, the perceiver can never be perceived, because then it would be just another perception. Then what do you really know about yourself, if you can never perceive yourself?

After meditation, you have to continue with self-inquiry to make the full circle. If I am neither the body, nor the energy, nor the emotions, nor the thoughts, nor the senses, nor the perceptions, nor the experiences, then who am I? What in the world am I, and what is this reality I call the world? Where am I? When am I? Who am I?

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Memento Mori!

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