The only way is to love yourself. Not the personality that they have given you, but your true and unique individuality. Yes, you are more than an animal but you are also an animal. It is part of you, so don’t condemn it, embrace it!

The main reason that you need love from others is that you don’t love yourself. But how could others possibly love you, if even you are incapable of it? Besides, how can you love others, if you don’t love yourself first? If you hate yourself, you will hate others, too.

If you don’t love yourself, the love you get will never fulfill you, and the love you give will never fulfill others either. If you make yourself your own biggest enemy, it is not surprising that you become divided inside. This is why you lost your center, and you feel like a homeless person begging for love.

Return to your center, and you will never feel lost again. Be at home in your own being, and you will feel centered anywhere you go. Love yourself, and you won’t beg for acceptance, attention or love anymore. Love yourself so much that it becomes a burden, and you will want to share it. Love towards others is an overflowing of self-love.

I know that moralists preach you that loving yourself is selfish. But the kind of selflessness they advocate is fake and superficial. How can you give something to others that even you don’t have? Doesn’t it make more sense to help yourself, respect yourself, and love yourself first, before you try to help, respect and love others?

Fake selflessness means creating a humble ego, making it look better, more polished. This is dangerous, because the more energy you spend on it, the more you get attached to it. You may believe that you created a diamond when in fact its base material is just glass. It doesn’t matter how you form glass, it will never be a diamond.

Real selflessness means dropping your personality altogether. You can never truly love your personality, because it is based on fear and self-condemnation. Based on false premises, you believe that you shouldn’t be as you really are. Forget the whole world for a second, and live as if you were the only one alive.

Be centered in your own being first, discover your individuality, find your natural center. When you already feel at home, when you are capable of being happy alone, when you don’t need love from anybody anymore, only then you are ready to share. Be centered, be peaceful and be independent, and then you can relate to others in an authentic way.

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Memento Mori!

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